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  1. I am replacing my break-away switch. My existing break-away switch has a red/black wire and a white wire connecting it. My replacement switch has three wires, a white, a black, and a red wire. Any idea how I should connect the new switch?
  2. I have old concrete in southern Florida which is pitted and full of small cracks. It does have character. I want to paint it with an inexpensive coating. I don’t want to spend the money for the epoxy coverings. Paint dealers claim their concrete will not chip, although there are many in this park with painted patios which are very chipped. I will take the chance, even if I have to touch it up every couple of years. My problem is, over the summer when no one is here, the concrete gets very dirty. It gets mildew and mold. Will the paint seal the concrete? Or, should the concrete be sealed before painting? If so, with what? What paint would you suggest? Any help will be appreciated.
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