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  1. The Trailer Saver TS3 is the one of the best fifth wheel hitches on the market. It has air bags and shocks built in to give you the best ride possible. The fifth wheel floats behind the truck making it a towing dream. The hitch attaches to industry standard rails. For my Ram truck, I have an adapter plate for the pucks to rails for mounting the hitch. The downside is the bad boy is heavy! When I needed to remove it, I would just hang it from the camper’s king pin. I’ve literally never lifted it. You’ll be responsible for getting it to your truck, though I’m willing to u
  2. Like SpaceNorman, I work a regular 9-5 doing programming work. I worked from home for a few years prior to getting a RV and then we did a good many trips. Ultimately, we went fulltime. I have core hours and it works pretty well.
  3. There are very few "needs", many "should haves", and a lot of "wants". I wrote this to answer your original question- "what's needed for that first trip out?": http://learntorv.com/newbie-first-trip-essentials/
  4. We spent 2 weeks at the Fiesta grounds this year. We got there the Tuesday before everything started and left the Tuesday after. For days outside of the festival days, the nights are 1/2 price (at least for the boondocking spots). I wouldn't stay until Tuesday again- but Sunday, the RV parking greatly thinned out; by Monday, there weren't many people; and on Tuesday, we were literally one of the last people left. I never figured out the whole story for water fill ups. It sounds like you're supposed to pay for a fill up but then it sounded like that was only if you had the truck come to yo
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