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  1. Just verified looking at the pictures on the NH site. The sticker for tire pressures in the cabinet is dated 9/2008. This sticker from 2008 has the same serial number that is on the trailer weight sticker below it. This is a 12 year old unit. The sticker even indicates that this was made prior to their move to Lacy Dr. Picture
  2. My post is only to point out that the unit may have actually been built 3 or 4 years earlier than how they have advertised and registered the unit. Trust me, there are a few of these units out there. I have looked at the ad and I have my suspicions. Windows are a prime example. In 2011 NH used flush mount windows. This unit has the old style windows. The window frames are also white. This WAS an unpainted unit that was painted after the fact. If I was looking at this unit I would want to know when it actually rolled off the line. It's still a well made unit but could be had for much less with a little homework. I would also look at the side lamination if it has sat this long. I'm speaking from a place of experience and trying to share my limited knowledge
  3. You may want to check on when this 2011 unit was actually built. This MAY and I say may be a unit that was actually built in 2008 or 2009. Have them send the serial number or coach number (they number all of their units). Also, have them them send pictures of the build dates of the appliances; refer, microwave, tv, etc..... I know it sounds crazy but you may want to at least check this out.
  4. Does anyone here have experience with delivering an RV from one point in the US to another. We have a dear friend and fellow Escapee who finds himself in a position where he needs immediate medical attention and it would be best for him to fly to where he needs to be to begin treatment and have the RV follow behind. It's for this reason that we have SkyMed but these folks do not so looking at other options to assist them. Any direct experience with transport companies is greatly appreciated.
  5. Mileage updated in description.
  6. Towboater, We have a friend who HAD Escapees Roadside and he managed to get his tow vehicle stuck and it wasn't attached to the RV. They received the same song and dance about not having any record of their other vehicles. After many many phone calls they were told by a supervisor that the truck was covered for a 100' tow if stuck. They didn't have to pay anything for it. They continued to have issues after that though and ended up going with FMCA.
  7. We have some friends who had repeated issues with this very same problem. They were always told that only the fifth wheel is covered. Eventually they had it resolved every time but it just got to be a pain. They switched back to another carrier after having to plead their case every single time they called for assistance.
  8. When I access my MMS Dashboard it tells me that my balance is $35.00. It appears to be rounded. I am another that does not see an exact balance. This is from the MMS Dashboard.
  9. Just checked our postage balance and it is $35.00. It is always $xx.00 and gets rounded off regardless of what the postage paid is. If postage is below $xx.50 it gets rounded in my favor and if postage is $xx.51 it gets rounded up in Escapees favor. I never bothered to check before because we only get mail every 6 weeks or so but I have to ask why a business would use an accounting system like that. I would certainly prefer to NOT have my balance rounded since it usually is in Escapees favor. I'm also wondering why some people have postage that seems to be exact, like rynosback and then some that don't. Mine comes out to $xx.00 as far back as my history will allow me to see, every time. Now I will say that in our 4 years of using the service we have only had one occasion where something was delivered to someone else. It was of course at the worst possible time when we were expecting something important but it got sorted out.
  10. We have a 2019 38RSSA and we've had no issues at all. Really enjoying our new rig. We also experienced a hail storm shortly after delivery with fist sized hail and had no issues except for two fan lids cracking. You should see the car though.
  11. I just bought a couple of tubes of Lexel that I was going to try. What were the difficulties that you had with it? Any tips?
  12. What state are you trying to have this policy written in? I'm sure a lot of folks would be curious to know. Lots of changes happening in RV insurance underwriting. We just bought a new rig and we had to switch to Progressive for our 39' 5er and MDT since the company that we had been with for 8 years no longer writes for trailers over 35'.
  13. DonCoyote

    Road side Assistance

    We have friends who tried Escapees and after two blundered calls they switched to FMCA. They have a MDT/5th wheel. They weren't happy with them.
  14. DonCoyote

    M2 dash heat controls

    What did you do to improve it? Was there anything in particular?
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