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  1. We did this in 2017, working the showers in fire camps. This company has all kinds of base camp equipment, we did the showers, and that seems like one of the first equipment called in. You need your own sleeping arrangements, smaller RV is better because you will be in some tight spots. While on a fire you will be fed some awesome food! They need a 6 month commitment. The fires have gotten worse, so I would expect a busy season, we worked 120 days straight. You will cover CA, NV, MT, ID, WA, OR. You will start in the spring, the heat of summer, and end up (we did) getting snowed on. It's not real hard, but busy. You are there for the fire fighters, they come in dragging ass, covered in soot, and just need a shower and bed and they are back out in the morning.
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