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  1. We have made our living on the road for over 17 years. We publish the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper, I'm an author with 24 books out (both mystery novels and nonfiction RV/travel books) and will be releasing #25 next week, I have a daily blog that earns money from advertising, I'm a compensated speaker at RV rallies and events, and I present seminars and workshops on self-publishing. I work on my own schedule anywhere I want. What's not to love? :rolleyes:

  2. We are in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and will be headed south to Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale next week. The most direct route seems to be US Highway 43 south from I-20/59 through Demopolis, Thomasville, and on down to Interstate 65 near Mobile. We're in a 40 foot diesel pusher towing an SUV. Has anybody traveled this route? If so, is it a good choice, or do you have another recommendation?

  3. Ever since Dish Network did away with local channels I have used Dish Chat to change to local networks wherever we are traveling. Usually I just give them our location and within 15 minutes or so I have the local channels. It worked as lately as last week in Texas. Now we are in Alabama and I have been trying to 2 days to get the local channels and 6 different Dish reps have told me we have to be back in our billing address service area to get local channels. I just got off the phone with my third supervisor, who insists it has always been that way and that NO RVers can get the local channels outside of their billing area. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  4. This was posted on the Living The RV Dream Facebook page. Has anybody heard of or encountered this using the Bushnell address?


    Just wanted to post a little blurb about something we learned today about how the Real ID Act may affect full-time RVers. It is a bit long, but worth a read if you are thinking about declaring domicile in a state other than the one you currently use.

    The backstory: we decided to change our domicile from TX to FL. It made sense for us since we spend the majority of our time in FL (we winter here in our RV). We went through all of the necessary things, securing a new mail se...rvice (St Brendan's Isle), registering our vehicle and RV, getting insurance, collecting the necessary documents, etc...

    Forward to today: All went well and today we became Floridians (yay!). The interesting thing that we learned is that since FL is now complying with the Real ID Act, the address on our driver's licenses is:
    Our RV license plate number
    Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
    It is going to be very interesting explaining that to anyone who asks us for ID.

    It was explained to us that due to the full implementation of the Real ID Act by FL earlier this year, the address on the license must now be a 'physical' address and can no longer be a mail service address or a PMB. Apparently the definition of a 'physical' address is a bit wishy-washy and can be defined by the individual state. The state of FL has decided to handle the situation by using the RV license plate (or vessel registration) as the street address.

    Interesting side note: Our new mail service address couldn't be on the driver's license, but we did have to provide pieces of mail that we had received at the mail service address to get it. The mail service address is also just fine to use as the address for the vehicle registrations, including the RV registration which is on the driver's license. So if you think about it, our drivers licenses are linked to our plates, which are linked to our mail service address. A ridiculous round-robin that only the government could dream up

  5. I prefer to spend my money where I'm welcome. Billings, Montana and Lake City, Florida were two towns that quickly realized how many dollars RVers spend when they stop for a night. And keep in mind, the way most of these regulations are written, it also means you cannot visit your kids in that town and park in their driveway overnight either. It's not about whether I can afford a campground or not, it's about a town saying "If you stay here you have to spend money at one of our RV parks."

  6. We had three 8D LIfeline AGM batteries in our bus conversion. The company supplied them to us and told me to abuse the hell out of them, to run them down as far as I wanted and charge them back up, and basically to try to destroy them. We routinely ran them down to 11.5 and even as far as 11.3 a few times and after over 8 years they were still gong strong when we sold the bus. I'm a fan of AGMs and will be replacing the wet cell batteries in our present coach with them. We don't have solar and don't dry camp much any more, but my arthritis makes dealing with wet cell batteries too hard these days. For me, they are worth the investment.

  7. Do people really make money blogging? How does that work?

    Between Google AdSense ads, Amazon affiliate ads, and display ads on the sidebars I make anywhere from $500 - $750 a month with my blogs. A few months have been over $1,000. But it takes work. I post a 500+ word blog every day of the year without fail and have been blogging over 7 years now.

  8. If and when, a rational argument can be made, that justifies spending over $1200 in fuel costs, so that I can pay the state of Texas a $34 tax for a totally unnecessary inspection sticker, while I don't use the highways in Texas, I will listen. Otherwise, none of this makes any sense.

    The thing is they don't need to justify it to anybody and it doesn't have to make sense. It's their sandbox so they make the rules.

  9. WELLL!!! I'm envious. I'll be there Sunday and want to see this baby. How did you manage to buy that in FL? Given you are not a FL resident.....Private sale? I'll have to look up FL laws.... I've been looking for a Ruger SR9c but did not think I could buy it in most states, since I'm a TX resident.


    ps. guess Amazon has been generous to you :);)


    Jack, it was private sale.

    Looking forward to seeing you again.

    And yes, amazon has been very good to me :lol:

  10. We're at the SKP park in Bushnell and I just picked up a Kimber Pro CDP II yesterday that I'm dying to try out. I hear a lot of shooting going on in the area, and somebody said there is an informal gun range between the campground and I-75, and/or west of I-75 past the National Cemetery but I can't figure out where it is.

  11. We're at the SKP park in Bushnell and I just picked up a Kimber Pro CDP II yesterday that I'm dying to try out. I hear a lot of shooting going on in the area, and somebody said there is an informal gun range between the campground and I-75, and/or west of I-75 past the National Cemetery but I can't figure out where it is.

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