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  1. I am thinking about installing a composting toilet in a camping van project. Does anyone use composting method for their waste? How is working for use? Would you install another composting toilet?
  2. All I have heard about the ranch are negatives: Flooding, multiple assessments, many lots for sale, etc, etc. You have lived there and know the truth. Now is your chance to correct the record, please respond.
  3. I may have seen the video. ISIS parading Paulina around in a orange jump suit just prior to lobbing off the head. LOL
  4. Mexico Among The World's Most Corrupt Nations In 2014, New Report Says http://www.forbes.com/sites/doliaestevez/2014/12/11/mexico-among-the-worlds-most-corrupt-nations-in-2014-new-report-says/
  5. Update from The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens about the risk of traveling to certain places in Mexico due to threats to safety and security posed by organized criminal groups in the country. http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/mexico-travel-warning.html
  6. Oh hell yes, a piece of cake; If I have a runway about 8,000 feet long.
  7. I sound like a lot of Fun and would make great videos!
  8. Great video! I have had blow-out on vehicles, all I could think about was holding on to the steering wheel and maintaining control. I hope I never have one with a Motor home.
  9. Ascension Parish-- Earlier this morning, Louisiana State Troopers from Troop A were dispatched to an overturned motorhome on Interstate 10 east of US 61 in Ascension Parish. Crash scene investigators determined the motorhome was westbound on Interstate 10 in the left lane. The motorhome sustained a tire failure and entered the center median, where it then impacted the cable barriers. After impacting the cable barriers, the motorhome overturned and slid on its side across both eastbound lanes. The driver, 69 year old Royce Denmon of Kilgore, Texas and his passenger suffered minor injuries in the crash. A witness to the crash, 30 year old Jonathan Mendel of Metairie, Louisiana was operating an 18 wheeler westbound on Interstate 10 and captured the entire crash sequence with his dashboard camera. Mr. Mendel was also able to safely pull his vehicle onto the right shoulder and call 911. As you watch the video of this crash, please take note of how quickly a crash can occur. Think if you were in the eastbound travel lanes. What evasive maneuvers, if any would you have been able to take? Also, think about the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt or distracted driving. While not a factor in this crash, imagine what would have occurred had all parties been preoccupied with various distractions. Finally, check out the amazing engineering that went into the cable barrier system along the Interstate Systems in Louisiana. While not designed for heavy articulated vehicles like a motorhome, the system was able to redirect a vehicle weighing over 20,000 pounds. I posted the video on my Facebook page. Motor safely my friends. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RV-Road-Riders/1380946298887036
  10. There is an easy solution if you want to compost on the road.
  11. You can use Carfax or other vehicle search history company to find previous owners.
  12. Think about the future Rvers who are posting the question. They either want to travel on a limited budget and want to know if is possible to travel on limited budget. They may have lost their job or forced into retirement because of medical disability. An average income provides no information on their situation. It does not give them any information on how they can achieve their travel on a limited budget. That is why we are posting our budget goal on our blog. There any many of Rvers that are doing on a small budget then ours. We could also but that is not our objective. Our current budget is $55.00 per day for an annual total of $19,800, on 41K budget we would have spend $112.00 per day.
  13. Sound like a great deal, if you are planning to return after several months.
  14. The weather is going to break very soon. They are calling for 79 degrees in San Antonio on Monday. DFW is calling for 69 degrees on Tuesday.
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