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  1. Thanks everyone I've decided not to use the auto backing cam. my original system is good enough. your comments were valued.
  2. It might make sense to try yours oscarvan. Ill email you? haven't used this blog much.
  3. Good info! Sounds like the auto smartphone backing cam signal may be marginal for a 34 ft motorhome . I'm going to check out Co Piolt. RM software is ridiculously expensive but there's a lot of up to date data on their server
  4. I'm about to purchase a wireless backing cam ($100) designed to be used with a smartphone display . Instead of using my smart phone I'll use my iPad mounted in a removable mount on the motorhome dash. I also use the mounted iPad as a GPS with Rand McNally's tablet GPS software. It seem to work as well as the Rand McNally full GPS display......But without traffic info. (weather and all other features do work) The Rand McNally software costs $99 for ipad.as opposed to$400 to $600 for the full display Rand Mc Nally GPS. The iPad has a higher screen resolution than RM . But I'll have to switch back and forth between backing and GPS use on the dash Ipad. Not such a big limitation because I will still have my old low resolution backing cam system on while driving. I hoping the resolution from the new rear camera will improve back vision over the poorer resolution of tthe old backing cam?
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