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  1. Stopped in the Brunswick, GA, Flying J to use dump station. It is now shut down and inoperable. Attendant in store said that it was because of campground issue???? Wonder if its all flying J'S. Anyone heard any other dirt on the subject?
  2. David Nice shot! Did you look close at the cloud in the upper left of your photo? Maybe I am just seeing things? LOL Charlie
  3. In Spartanburg SC area for the time being. Sold our motor home this week, finally!!!!! 20 months..... Charlie
  4. Back in Bushnell. Scheduled to be here til April, but ya never know. Was fun to see everyone that attended the Tampa RV Show. Charlie
  5. Also looking forward to seeing many at the RV show, and before.. Still wannabees someday... We managed to get within 15 miles of the Shuttle launch pad last nite. Pretty awsome. We are currently in Bushnell, next to wally world..HAHA
  6. Good Idea John! Were in Boiling Springs, SC til 11/1
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