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  1. It is a cherry truck - storage was the main reason we did it all as we did. Are you kicking yourself for not grabbing it!?
  2. Ha ha ha - I recognize that truck!! Small world isn't it!? I think Davie will enjoy this truck for a long time!
  3. Hey Blue - yes, unless something really radical happens to stop the deal, Davie will be the proud new owner of "Maverick" the truck! Our thanks to Gregg Shields for making this happen!
  4. Duane, Thanks for the kind words on our truck! Looks like your question got answered - thanks Chad. I need to update this post - the truck has been sold (pending payment). If the sale goes thru, which I expect it will with no issues, then I will try and figure out how to delete this thread. Thanks all for looking!
  5. Ok, it's time to build our sticks and bricks, so price has been reduced to $52,000 now for a quick sale!
  6. Ahh, I was just informed by Richard that ours is a 14 liter. Learn something new every day, right!? Sharon
  7. Edited the original post since the RV has been sold. The truck with solar charging is priced at $52k as of 1-7-18. Please feel free to PM with any questions!
  8. Bump for the price drop. Price reduced 1-7-18. Come see it in Colorado!
  9. Edit: As of 1-7-18, the truck has been reduced to $52K for a quick sale for home building expenses.
  10. Totally agree Ed. And it was very nice to get to know you and your lovely family as well.
  11. And think how much shuddering the "two parties" referenced shuddered!!
  12. So Chris - are you saying you did come by and visit with Richard and I? I'm confused. I'm good with faces, but lousy with names, so if I don't remember you, it's because I can't "see you" again to try to remember the conversation. And for what it's worth Chris, I am also basically very shy, as well as being socially awkward as well - but I engage most of the time at the rally. It's exhausting to have to make myself do so, but the rewards are great as are the friendships that have come about thru the years of "getting out there" and being social. By nature, I'm pretty much a hermit, but trust me when I say that this group is worth putting some effort into - salt of the earth people!
  13. As Alie & Jim said: "We left Saturday morning without saying thanks, or goodbye. Tried to beat the rain! " We did the same thing (Richard needed to be at work Monday am), so we slipped out before breakfast to drive 409 mines in the insane wind. Many thanks and applause to Steve and Gail - along with Rocky for traffic, the Springfield gals for serving and such, Jack, Carl, Greg, and so many more who willingly gave of their time. Steve - thanks for getting the better building for the ladies classes and such - WAY better than last year - this one is a keeper! Hugs and safe travels to you all. We'll be thinking of you guys often.
  14. By the way 13speed, I invited you to come by our rig and visit with us, and if you did, you didn't tell me who you were. Your profile pic of the dog doesn't show us who you are either (uhhh, kinda like my cat pic does??). Kinda hard to be friendly with a ghost!
  15. Thank you Steve and Gail for another OUTSTANDING and wonderfully organized rally as well as a great and friendly tour of your beautiful home! Thank you Phil for your tour of your great home as well. A good time was had by (almost) everyone I believe!
  16. Sounds like it will be an event to attend! Love a good flea market!
  17. Congrats to you guys - you're going to love the lifestyle!! Safe travels and happy workkamping!
  18. Anyone in this group needing a full time rig? Price has been reduced...
  19. Oops - double post - sorry!
  20. Find a Smart Weigh location - that is a fantastic weighing system. Well worth it to know what you've got or need to do (like lighten the load?).
  21. YAY! Thanks as always Steve! You did your usual great job for us all. Look forward to seeing you guys there. Sharon
  22. Yes, looks like FL needs even more prayers than TX did! Thank you Phil and all the first responders for you wonderful and life saving service. I pray for a relatively quick recovery for all those who had damage. Such devastation - so sad. Sharon
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