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  1. Sorry to hear that about Chap 1, but don't give up hope, maybe after a bit of a rest, it can come back. I imagine many chapters had extra struggles last year. Here's to more camping and rallies in 2021!
  2. I love Streets and Trips, it is no longer updated or even sold. I haven't found anything that added stops/overnight/mileage the way it did/does. Although I no longer RV, on my last car trip I planned it with Streets and Trips. Then I noted the stops and used google maps for the driving. Not much help but thanks for letting me remember the 13 years on the road with my late husband. P.S. love paper maps for general overview!
  3. Fulltimers 1999 til 2012. Health issues caused us to slow down, trade out 40' for a 25' and a 399 sq ft park model. Summer traveling but then we found out what real health issues were. Sadly, the end came for David (who's picture shows) last year from pancreatic cancer. We had talked about how and when to hang up the keys. Not a lot of our brillant plans came true; it works out how it's gonna work out. Enjoy your travels, stay in the moment, maybe you'll have one day or hundreds of days...may you enjoy them half as much as I did. hugs,
  4. Having had the luxury/necessity of washer/dryer on board - leave the grey open!
  5. Interesting, past TT member and fan. Due to health we sold our RV and TT membership this year. We would not have been able to full time for 13 years without TT. Have used Good Sam, KOA, Passport, City, National, etc etc. I never recommend parks because what works for me may not work for you. 20 years ago when I first joined TT, all the parks were in better shape - but so was I! Really have to do your homework and figure out what you want, ask lots of folks about their experiences. Guess we got good at "the system" we loved the NW and rarely had an issue getting in any of the parks. Once w
  6. We studied, planned, saved and nothing has turned out per our plan - it's all better (sorta). Quit our jobs at 47 and 51, lived off sell of house. Market dump and "lost" half our savings. Went into selling ads for campgrounds - great job. Did that part time for several years. full timed for 13. At 69, David diagnosised with pancreatic cancer, its a miracle he is still alive but fulltime no more. Unplanned inherited parents house, its now our medical base. There's a lot more to this story. Plan what you can but roll with the punches. I'm grateful we had the 13 years full timing and exploring, a
  7. Sylvia, we just sold our motorhome and have a nationwide TTN; 21 days; part to park. Email us and lets make a deal!
  8. One owner of this high quality canadian made Class B+ – 30 year seasoned RVer New house batteries, 2 door fridge, solar, automatic fantastic fans, roof satellite dome; tires 2 years new (with valve stem extensions); mattress 1 year new and all the other standard features, like macerator, stabilizers, etc. This model, bedroom and bath can be closed off from living/kitchen space (no crawling over partner to get up and easy to change sheets) Blonde interior. Well maintained, only slight wear on seams of driver seat. Mercedes Benz, trouble free 62,000 miles. All maintenance done, re
  9. Retire? How about just quit and go for it! Yep, quit jobs and sold house, husband 51 wife 47. Did boondocking and volunteering that provided free rent. We were not debt free and motorhome payment and medical was a big bite from our budget. We had savings because we did not buy a lot of stuff while we were waiting to full time. After a few years we did work on the road, part time. Unfortunately after 13 years husband diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Blessings abound as he is a two year going on 3 year survivor. We now have a small motorhome and plan to travel a bit this summer. David just turn
  10. It's been $1 for several years, but several of the vendors will give you a $1 off if you buy from them. Makes up for the entrance fee.
  11. Throw a dart at a map - wait, that won't work with a smart phone! I'm glad we traveled during paper map days. We were on the road 13 years. Our travels were determined by various things. weather was the biggest. We were VCR - volunteer club reps for SKP so the next rally site was the direction we headed. Later we did some work on the road and the next campground that needed a new site map was the direction. Then we looked at what was along the way to stop and see without too much of a detour. We visited a lot of presidential museums and state capitols, that gave us some direction which we
  12. Full time for almost 14 years. Downsized and back in Stick and Brick due to health issues. 

  13. We joined Escapees a couple years before we went full time. And I am glad we did! We got involved with our local chapter attended the rallies and learned so much. It was invaluable. Yes, the magazine and forum are great but nothing replaces face to face conversations. Keep the house? Do storage? Rent? Heard all sides. Went to our first Escapade in 1999, came home and put the house up for sale!
  14. davida


    Pacific Pride - had it for years and still use it. Got it for convenience of 40' motorhome and towing car. Actually, I don't even think we had our 40' when we first got it. Usually nobody else there. Started so long ago that had to use a book to look up where stations were, now can use the web site. But do read the ratings a few were not easy access. We no longer do major traveling and only have a 24' diesel, still very handy. BTW, with pacific pride or any card lock, you can pump your own diesel in OR. Automatically deducted from our checking once a month.
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