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    Rock Hound. Prospecting, fishing, digging in dirt, genealogy, photo, traveling, camping, learning from other's experiences.

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  1. Thanks Kirk and Pam. Mainly wondering about the weather around Alb. this time of the year. See you at the fairgrounds. Bumpus4, Toney
  2. I am looking for information about the best rt. to take going from Tennessee to the Escapade this year. I am mainly concerned about weather around Albuquerque south on I-25 to Las Cruces this time of the year. The last time we travelled to Tucson we went from Memphis to Little Rock on I-40 then I-30 to Dallas and to El Paso on I-20 then I-10 to Tucson. We had very large delays in Dallas and El Paso. That is what I want to avoid. I-25 out 0f Albuquerque ( and I-40 into) should not be a problem. I know of the mountain range East of Alb, but it should not be a problem. Of course we will be paying attention to the NWS while traveling . So our route will be as follows: I-40 from Memphis to Albq. then I-25 from Albq. to Las cruces, then I-10 to Tucson. Any Input will be welcomed. Thank you. bumpus4 (105242)
  3. email me if you wish at


  4. Make sure the jeep is a 4x4.

  5. Let the Jeep specialit shop install the system for you and read the owners manual carefully .

  6. Why, Yes, I tow 4 wheels down per the directions in the owners manual.

    :1; I have a Blue Ox tow plate for the Jeep and the Blue Ox tow bar for the t/v.

    I also have a break buddy for the Jeep. I follow the directions in the owners manual in hooking up the Jeep and Break Buddy.

    1:Hook up the Jeep. (elec. for lights, etc)

    2:Put Jeep 4 wheel drive in netural. Check that it does...

  7. Hope you dnt mind me contacting you directly regarding your 6-speed Jeep. Wife and I have our eye on a 2006 Wrangler 4WD, 6-speed manual. Remco (popular on this site and via each RV store we called) says you CAN NOT flat tow it. Jeep dealer says you can. Local Jeep specialty shop says you can. I'm trying to make sure before we do any more shopping.

    You tow a 6-speed 4WD Jeep?

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