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  1. We are currently in Cortez, Co. and need to be in West Yellowstone the end of May. No other time frame. We would like to see the Flaming Gorge area in Utah. What about taking the 191 all the way up to West Yellowstone? Has anyone ever taken the hwy? Or cut west and take hwy 89 north. We have already been to Page and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion. But have not been North of that on the 89. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  2. we are looking to leave Tucson in April and head to Monument Valley. We have been through Flagstaff and Page and are looking for different route. we are thinking about hwy 77 to 191 to 160 to 163. Two questions: How are the roads and anywhere to camp overnight. I am not seeing much in the way of campgrounds, prefer hookups....at least electric. TIA
  3. I had mine replaced by ShadePro, they came out did the replacement of arms and set up the awning for $1300.00. They have two differnet models one is adjustable and one is not, I have the Eclipse, adjustable and cost more than the traveler model. They did not replace the awning fabric as that was still in good shape. Not sure where you are located. If in their territory of near a rally that they are attending check them out. http://www.shadepro.net/
  4. Here is a website I find useful sometimes. https://scenicbyways.info/
  5. Following I would like to know also.....and into a blog.
  6. Thanks everyone for your input, The coach is 30A. I think I will be going with the PSW 50A charger and 1000W inverter combo. I really don't plan on heavy usage, maybe watching TV a few hours at night when without power. I have a perfectly good generator to use for the heavy stuff.. I understand I will have to learn to monitor the system. But I think I can handle that. We are retiring this year and should be living in the coach by this fall. Thanks again everyone.
  7. I know this has been discussed many times, but I am looking for information specific to my situation. Currently I have no inverter in my motorhome. I have two six volt batteries that are 7+ years old I am not going to add more batteries, space issue...... I will be probably be changing them out for two AGM's The easiest path to take is a whole house setup. Replace charger with inverter/charger. Since this is being done at a shop the labor vs more expensive hardware kind of balances out. I was quoted two ways to go. Inverter....MSW 1200w 70A charger. Inverter....PSW 1000w 50A charger $292 more. I know that on this setup I will have to watch what I run and not run to many appliances together. I will be going full time later this year. I am not looking for a setup for lots of boon docking, just looking to be able to overnight in a non hook up environment if needed, or maybe a couple of days with out hook ups. I have a good working generator. I have a Traveler automatic dish on the roof. Based on lots of reading I am leaning towards the PSW, of course. This will be an exact replacement to size also matters. Thanks in advance!
  8. Not A Clue

    State Parks

    We have stayed in a few Ca. state parks, no entrance fee if you are camping. Their parks are pricey enough without adding that to them. We don't stay at them much anymore. We have better luck with county parks.
  9. We got local channels from Anaheim last year when we were in Yuma with Direct TV.
  10. As noted before just the Cajon Pass on the I15. Hwy 127 is a nice two lane highway, very little traffic. We take it every Thanksgiving heading t Pahrump for the weekend.
  11. Give these guys a call or send them an email. They will have what you need. https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I will do that when we get closer.
  13. I agree with Kirk on this.......We almost always use county campgrounds in the area for weekend camping trips. Most of them are a lot nicer than the state parks in the area and cheaper.....also easier to get into.....but no ocean access.....but some have lakes. example Santee Lakes east of San Diego you can camp right on one of the lakes if you get your reservation early enough.
  14. This is a nice park. We stayed there a few years ago for Christmas. Quiet and there is a park with ocean access right behind the park. There is a Marina next door with a restaurant next door. I haven't eaten there but gets good reviews.
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