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  1. Thanks, I did look at them, but could only find gas models on the Ford chassis. The Ford has too much back overhang for me. I'm going to go with the Promaster since I can't find anything I like on the Chevy. It appears the 2018 models (ex Roadtrek) are on Chevy 2016 chassis and I'm not going to pay new van prices for a 2 year old van. Appreciate your thoughts, though.
  2. Just to update this. I went to the Tampa RV show and found the Roadtrek 210 on the Chevy chassis. It was a Roadtrek 2018, but the chassis was a 2016. They said that Chevy didn't want (couldn't) compete in the RV market anymore, so for the most part the only Chevy RV's are older Chevys that have been sitting around for a couple of years. Back to the drawing board - I'll ask questions about other gas rv's in a different post.
  3. Thanks, Linda. I'll give them a look. I did ignore them because the older models were umm, not really well built. Good to hear they've improved. Lyn
  4. I'm looking for a newish model (2016 to 2018) replacement for my Tiger Class C (mainly for a larger refrigerator and more sitting space). I'm astonished that since I bought my Tiger 5 years ago almost no one is building on the Chevy anymore. Actually I can only find Roadtrek as building on them. I started looking at C's, B+'s and B's, with the requirements of gas engine, no slides, less than 26' and thought I should find lots. C's and B+'s - I've tested several brands and just don't like the dually wheels. So, that left me with the B's. Most use the Promaster - I don't like the payload of these - I full time and need more. That left me with Ford and Chevy. All the Ford's I've found have a really, really long overhang in the back - so Ford is out. Which leaves only the Roadtrek 210 (the 190 has too small a refrigerator). Am I missing anything - have I painted myself into a corner? sigh. Lyn
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