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  1. We bought a Pathfinder x2 with a 711z receiver. Dish says I can get an external hard drive to add to it but they gave me all these things it needs to be. It has to be no more than 2TB, compatable with 2.0 USB, single hard dish drive, and have it's own power cord. I can't find this anywhere. Do you have any suggestions on where to get one. Above you mentioned an OTA adapter but what is that. We know we can't record and watch another program and we are ok with that. We just want to be able to record. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Winegard offered a receiver with the x2 for $50 more so I went ahead and ordered it to be on the safe side. Now it will just be a matter of setting it up when it gets here. I have another question. Our receiver has a dvr. I don't think this one has one. Is that something you can buy and hook up separately? Thanks.
  3. Yeah I know because it wasn't with the Vuqube. We use to have the open one on the roof and it's nice until you have to park under trees. So husband doesn't want to put another one up there. We have decided to buy another portable on the ground. Check the link that LindaH put on and its offering a receiver with the satellite for only 50 more so I guess we will try it. Hope it works. Thank you both for replying.
  4. I guess we are buying a new portable satellite. Called a couple of Rv Parts dealers in Yuma and their prices seem really high plus I don't know what to get. We had the Vuqube by King. I was told it was junk. So looking at Winguard. Do not want to mount on MH. MIGHT have to change out box from dish and not sure how to do that. We have a VIP 722k dvr. Really could use some help. I have read some of the stuff about satellites on here and just confuses me more.
  5. My guess it is dead. Guess we will be buying a new one.
  6. Didn't mean to call Tony, tonight. Should have read before I posted. Lol
  7. We are at Pilot's Knob parked in front of Tonight and Doug. I got a cold right before we left Texas and still dealing with it. Not very good company right now. If anyone is heading this way, would love to meet for lunch.
  8. I have the Vuqube flex portable satellite and it was not finding satellites. My husband took off the top and the satellite is facing north and trying to find satellite. Can this be fixed or would this mean it's broke.
  9. We decided to head to Yuma since the class seems to have already separated. Tried to call Tony and couldn't get thru. Does anyone know if the area she is staying in is full? Think that's where we are headed.
  10. We plan on being there a couple of weeks. Was waiting to see what everyone had planned.
  11. How long is everyone hanging around Quartsite? We won't be there until the 23rd. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  12. He will be greatly missed, but you have to admit he enjoyed traveling right up to the end.
  13. So sorry to hear about Lee. Been thinking of him.
  14. I'm jealous, I would love to go to Alaska. We would do the winefest, even tho we don't drink wine, we would find something to bring.
  15. We have skipped two years now so we are definitely plan on heading that way in January. We are open to anywhere, so we will be where ever you guys decide to go. We are looking forward to hanging out with everyone.
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