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  1. Linda, I agree, Lazy Daze are a great Class C and I've been looking at them for years. The Mid-Bath 26.5 would be a good fit for us. Anything after 2010 has the best model year changes. The problem being we live in East Tennessee and LD's are "As scarce as houndstooth"! I wish it had more outside storage but as the saying goes "There is no perfect RV". There is a Rally for Lazy Daze in TN at the end of the month that we may crash. Thanks for your suggestion. I keep looking for them. There reccently was a nice 26.5 near Atlanta but was a 2004. Dan
  2. RV, I went back and re-looked the "Barth" and I have to say, it's a good looking coach and the floor plan would fit our needs very well. I especially like the fact that it doesn't have a slide! The more research I do, the more I want one without a slide provided it has the right floor plan. When you weight all of the pros and cons of slides, it's my opinion that the con's out weigh the pros by a long ways. The industry has become slide happy and it's hard to find a Class A, C or B+ without a slide anymore. Some as as many as 4-5 slides. I would like to see slides as an option. That might bring the price of a non-slide motorhome down? So as of this post, If I can convince my wife that we don't need slides, I've just narrowed my search down greatly! Any suggestions in an A, C, or even a B+ without slides in the range of 26'-35' max and a gasser to meet our budget would be appreciated. Dan
  3. I'm not so much into vintage RV's, all though I do like their look. Right now, I'm more into some thing that is reliable, comfortable and will fit into our budget.
  4. Thanks Again RV, I'll check it out. It's like picking out a good apple to eat, you throw all of the rotten ones away and eat the good one! Right?
  5. Smitty, Thanks, I needed some more option to research. This will keep me busy for awhile! We considered looking at a Tiffin Open Road 30GA but was sold. That was one of the suggestions from Kirt W.. I sent you a private message with a couple of questions. Dan
  6. Thank you both for your response. Great info, Dan
  7. StraitRVing like his RV Armor roof as well. You suggested we take a look at the Allegro Open Road 30GA and we like what we see so far in pictures and videos. It would have to be one 5-7 years old to align with our budget. I especially like the molded fiberglass roof. I'm trying to find more about the outside sidewall construction. Of course Rita likes all of the inside storage! Men have different priorities, right! Know of anyone members here on the forum that I could sent a private message to and ask some questions about their Open Road? Dan
  8. Hello, Is RV Consumer Group Rating Reports worth $48 to $85 for research to purchase a Motorhome? Just wondering! Dan
  9. What is your present roof material and on what RV? Dan
  10. I'm not a fan of TPO roofs. Had nothing but problems with our 5th wheel. I checked out RV Armor, not cheap but they make it sound good. Too bad the RV industry couldn't just use it in the beginning and we wouldn't need to protect our interest. Dan
  11. Thanks Doc, I checked your rig out on a YouTube Video. Very Plush, lots of nice features. Did it come with hydraulic leveling jacks? I'm a advocate of AZDEL and hope more manufactures begin using it. I run every time I here the word "Luan". Is your roof TPO? Dan
  12. Thanks Kirk, We'll certainly check them out. It's difficult finding the right floor plan and keep the length and number of slides to a minimum. When did manufactures become so slide happy! Dan
  13. Hello All, Nine year ago we come off of the road due to our parent's health situation. We want to go back again but in a Class A this time around. It has become very difficult to determine which manufactures/models are considered to have the build quality for full-time use. We began looking at Class C's but have come to realized a lack of storage both inside as well as outside for full timing. We need to stay with a used rig and gas engine to accommodate our budget. We feel a 26'-30' Class A would fulfill our needs with the right floor plan but could stretch that some if needed. Any suggestions, recommendations or good sources for further research would be greatly appreciated. Seems to be a lack of information on the part of the manufactures to supply construction and materials used in their products. So much out there that it has become mind boggling. With your help, the folks that know, perhaps we can make a better choice. Thanks, Dan and Rita Spencer USAF Retired
  14. Must be nice to have that many choices! A bit too far for me to go and look but thanks for sharing with us. Dan and Rita
  15. Thank You, I followed up on it and am wait for a reply. Didn't see a phone number. Dan and Rita
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