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I am a 72-year-old (in 2020) widower and I still work full time at a job I truly enjoy.  I am a CPA and financial analyst for a nationwide non-profit that has over 60,000 volunteers but less than 150 employees.  My non-profit employer is youth, military, rescue and aviation oriented which fits me well being retired Air Force and a pilot.  It gives me the opportunity to travel the US on a frequent basis.  Years ago my wife and I talked about going full time but it never happened for us.  I was more in favor of it than she was and of course both must be committed to make it work.  My job is work from home and home can be anywhere I have an internet connection so it would have worked well for full timing.  But not doing it was the right decision for us.  We did buy a couple new class A motorhomes over the years but never felt we would want to live in one full time.  Sadly my wife of 45 years suddenly passed away 5 years ago from an aneurysm.  I now have a soul mate in my life and we try to make every day an adventure.  Even though I work full time my job gives me plenty of flexibility to do the things we enjoy.  We live 7 months in Florida and 5 months in Wisconsin.  We fly between the two locations and we have a Harley and a car in both places.  We do our best to remain fit and we do a 10K run every June.  We still rent class Cs on occasion.  Last year we flew to Anchorage and traveled in a class C for 3 weeks.  The year before we took a class C on the Lake Superior circle tour.  So RVs remain a part of our lives.  I have learned a lot about RVs from this forum over the years especially from Kirk who has shared his wisdom with me both publicly and privately.  I still enjoy visiting this forum regularly.

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