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  1. What engine is that and is the 167K miles on the odometer correct?
  2. I used that route when going from Tucson to Yosemite. The roads were all fine but some of 58 is 2 lane. Sure beat trying to go through LA.
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot read the article without registering for the site, so I'll have to pass.
  4. I don't know what desert you are in so I can only comment here in Southern Arizona. You won't get more than a slightly oversize double car garage for $20K. When I was checking into it for my 5th wheel, the best structure I came up with was an all steel building at 40x40 that cost about $42K not including permits and inspections. That quote included a 14' door, a 10' door and a man door on the side as well as two skylights for light. No utilites at all and a 6 inch concrete floor. A quonset hut type will be the cheapest, but you lose a lot of room with the rounded sides and you need to assemble it yourself.
  5. Will send pictures and price if you give me your email address

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