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  1. God willing, We plan to be at the Escapade and hope you will let us park near your class so that we won't miss any of the fun. Of course we will help out in any way we can. Bill and Helen
  2. Don't you just love that area? Be sure to get to some of the Islands...So much to see. Helen
  3. Ok Joe... I concede that 38 is cold enough for a coat and gloves but when do you get up at 5:am and go outside? Ah Luckenbach... How fun... Bet they will be singing around the furnace this time Greg. Helen
  4. jeese Joe.... Make them light coats and gloves.....It's only going down to the 60's. Put on your big boy panties and deal with it. Helen
  5. We have friends that worked at Big Cypress last year... Our friend Virgil worked on that road all year, clearing out brush and trees. Guess it doesn't last long. Helen
  6. Looks like less is best but if not there is a shop right next to the Key Lime Store that can help. Helen
  7. Joe, where are you staying and when does Marcia get to buy her Fantasy Outfit? Helen
  8. We are glad you found an up side Norah but so sorry for the big bump in the road you are going throug.. Prayers continue for you all. Helen
  9. Joe and Linda... Here is a link to our park... http://wildernessrvparkestates.com/ We also have friends that own more than one lot that they rent out... Helen
  10. Linda, we have our lot in Silver Springs just a few miles from Ocala.. They still rent the unsold lots at the Passport America price and it is a very nice park. We are close to Paul and Connie and only an hour from each coast.. Let me know if you want any info. Helen
  11. Linda, where are you and Ron staying in Florida? Helen
  12. Joe, If you are at the casino right across from the bridge to Canada and on a Verizon air card, check your fees...When we were there we connected to the Canadian towers and got a huge bill... Verizon did take it off when I called but I didn't even know we were connected to Canadian towers. Helen
  13. They were at their place in Washington.. We were just making plans to meet up with them in a couple of weeks. Gene (Reb) got phenomena went into the hospital on Tuesday and passed away on wednesday... Shirley is still in shock. Our hearts go out to her. Helen
  14. Linda, I was wondering the reason for not pulling the 5th wheel on the Blue Ridge? We went all the way from the North down the Blue Ridge to Asherville in our Montana without a problem. Did we do something wrong? Norah and Howie, We are think of you guys and saying prayers for only the best. It sure is nice that you can be with your Sister at this time. Hugs, Helen
  15. Where are you guys staying in the Big D? We are at Grapevine. Bill and Helen
  16. Class of 2007... You can be very proud of your classmates.. They did a great job of entertaining the rest of us.. We were rolling on the floor laughing. Check this out. http://www.youtube.com/user/kcallander989#...u/0/wWxAhScpRGI
  17. Don't start too early... We won't get there for another week. Helen
  18. We'll be there Molly and have Janice and Dean with us.. Can't wait for another $5 steak and great company. Helen
  19. Hey... Who turned off the sun and heat, and opened the skies to rain in Florida... If it gets much colder it could be snot...... Oh I see; Joe and Marcia are here.. Wow, you are lucky to pay so little... We paid $75 a day at mile 20... Nice park but it had way too many trees and worth about $35.00. Naples isn't much better. Helen
  20. Joe, Hurry and get to the Keys. We will be there this Sunday and could help you with those margaritas on the beach. The weather is beautiful in the deep south of the Sunshine State. Merry Christmas to you and Marcia. Bill and Helen
  21. It was great to meet with so many of the Class of '07 and all the other SKPS today.. Thanks Molly for inviting us. We hope we get a chance to see you again before you leave Florida and look forward to the rally in Texas in April. We loved the Sleepy Hollow in Floral City. As soon as we pulled in we knew that we were in the Luckenbak of Florida. It was good to meet the other side of Jo Peters and Paul and Connie, we will be in touch when we get back the first part of January and get together for lunch. We would have liked to stay longer but Mel and Pam were holding up the show for us. We got there right as Pam was coming on stage. Great show. Merry Christmas Class of '07 and hugs to all, Bill and Helen Class of '05
  22. Glad to hear you say that Joe and Marcia. Santa Fe and the area's around it deserve way mor time than just a day trip. It is a beautiful area with so many things to see and do. Helen
  23. Barb and Dave, No matter how or when we lose our best friends, their love lasts our lifetime. Sorry for your loss. Bill and Helen
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