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  2. Why would people have trouble filling their prescriptions if they use one of the nationwide pharmacy or mail pharmacy and order on line? As to updating addresses, just log in and edit addresses and telephone numbers, assuming you have set up online accounts. We've been doing that since 2001 when we first started with Express Scripts. Haven't been handed a script in years to go in and fill - they physicians do the ordering online as we are going over our medication lists and needed refills.
  3. Hi All, I am interested in purchasing a WifiRanger EliteAC Please e-mail if you have one available...thanks! Email: eldridge2m@gmail.com Thanks Mark
  4. RV_

    The virus strikes

    Todd, I hope all goes well with minimum symptoms, no long-term effects, and a quick full recovery.
  5. RV_

    Colorado skp's

    Jim, Wow! Thanks for caring bud. We are fine. There was a fire that almost got out of hand next town over in Manitou Springs. And a bigger one on Fort Carson just South of us. The biggest fire in Colorado's history is burning just west of Boulder. Our weather just changed yesterday from the mid 80s to below freezing yesterday with about three inches accumulation of snow and 4° overnight. Brrr But the fires died down some from the snow. Funny, we moved here for the clean air and the dry air. Now the smoke from the fires 100 miles away obscures Pike's Peak many days. So air quality has been rated dangerous some of the time here. Worse air near Boulder and Denver. Lots of homes destroyed in Colorado. Nowhere near us so far. Thanks for asking!
  6. Every State has different laws. For example, Calif is one of the strictest. In Calif if you do not have a permit to carry, issued by Calif since they have no reciprocity, you may only have a handgun in your vehicle if it is unloaded and in a locked container other than the glove box or center console. However if you plan on keeping your handgun attached to or inside your fifth wheel and not in your tow vehicle within your reach you may be in compliance with the law. The easier way to reduce issues would be to get a Concealed Carry Permit even if you do not intend to carry concealed on your person. Some States have a Enhanced Cary Permit which has reciprocity in many other States. Not sure about CT. UT and FL will issue a non resident permit and have reciprocity in most States, but not all. CA, NY, NJ, IL and a few others do not have reciprocity. UT will require you to have a CCW in your home State in order to obtain a non resident permit in UT. Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled that you may have a weapon in your home, and most States Courts have ruled that an RV is an extension of your home when you are sleeping in it. While it is traveling on the road it is usually considered a vehicle. But if you have the weapon in your 5th wheel it may not be considered in your vehicle. Some States like NY and the District of Columbia, however, do not allow the transportation of a handgun across their State border at all in any way. Do some research online. There are many web sites on this issue. I would also highly recommend that you consult a Lawyer who specializes in this area. Many local gun clubs can refer a lawyer to you.
  7. Sorry, yes - we're close to Bellingham.
  8. I think he bought a truck from Gregg so he is on the south side of the border. Nigel
  9. Define local. What side of the border are you on?
  10. Looks like we're finally going to get the Volvo across the border. It has a fixed Hijacker rv hitch now and I want to swap in my air ride TrailerSaver. I don't drill frames any more, so . . . Local fabricator recommendations?
  11. https://www.rvusa.com/2012-nu-wa-hitchhiker-champagne-38ckrd-fifth-wheel-2858224
  12. Todd, I am rooting for you and your partner. Scary times but it is good to know you made it home safely. Linda
  13. Going to try telephone first. My concern was for people about to hit the road who may not be able to refill prescriptions online unless they change their data before leaving their previous home. Linda
  14. Got a diagnostic reply from Hayes. Here's the email... " Below is what the engineer tech forwarded to me: When connected to a power source the LED indicated that the unit was energized/ an output voltage was present. Typically this fault could be caused by a defective hall effect sensor, power mosfet, or microprocessor. Replacing the microprocessor corrected the fault. The exact cause of the processor failure could not be determined. We have logged the fault and will monitor this particular component in production going forward, to be sure there is not a recurring problem we need to address. Please keep us updated on the performance of your replacement unit. If there are any issues we will do everything we can to correct them. Thank you and have great week!" The replacement unit (rev. C) is working fine. It's different in design than the 'B' version that failed. The truck is parked for the winter... so more road trips in the spring... and more testing of the new controller.
  15. It is not about greed. I have it and I’m long, at least 3-5 years. I hated that reverse split also. I was way down in NIO but now I’m up 300%. I’m long this one also.
  16. Yep, My worst ever too. I'm riding it down at this point. I should have sold within the first month. On a brighter note I did pick up 285 shares of Tesla on the big price drop after the split. They are keepers. I am going back to index funds after the next correction/recession unless Starlink is spun off and IPOs. However, overall I'm way ahead with our funds and other investments in our home etc. I can't count the Model Y as it's a depreciating asset. ACB is my only loss if I sold it any time. No recovering from a 12 to one reverse split. I should have taken my buddy's advice and sold it on the pop just after buying. I was greedy and lost the opportunity to triple my money.
  17. Dan, check this site for just transporting not carrying. Quote from site: Federal law does not restrict individuals from transporting legally acquired firearms across state lines for lawful purposes except those explicitly prohibited by federal law to include convicted felons; persons under indictment for felonies; adjudicated “mental defectives” or those who have been involuntarily committed to mental institutions; illegal drug users; illegal aliens and most non-immigrant aliens; dishonorably discharged veterans; those who have renounced their U.S. citizenship; fugitives from justice; persons convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence; and persons subject to certain domestic violence restraining orders. Therefore, no federal permit is required (or available) for the interstate transportation of firearms. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150101/guide-to-the-interstate-transportation
  18. Thanks folks...I'm going to keep it simple. As it should be apparently. Guess you don't need to keep the fridge running when it's....22* outside. Doh. Burrrr Bob
  19. Cut the 10' bed rail today. That Harbor Freight bandsaw, with a good blade, cut the 6" C channels like butter. Positioned for the ramp storage gaps, looks like the ramps will fit between the tires and over the steps in front of the tires. This will allow for 2 ramps stored below the bed. I'm good with that. Shown here 1.5"x1.5" angle (it will be 2x2 when built) the ramps will slide in on this angle iron, bottom and top corners. The ramps are 6' folded in half, so the remainder of the space across the bed will be enclosed storage for the winch arm, etc. Weather will be... wait for it... 47 and sunny tomorrow. Maybe 60 on Thurs thru the weekend. The heat from welding is welcomed.
  20. The post office cares what address is on your credit card?
  21. You will find the Legal Heat app helpful. The laws vary from state-to-state so much it is impossible to know it all. When transporting, the easiest solution is to default to the strictest scenario. 1- disassemble the gun and keep it in a locked container. 2- Keep your magazines in a separate locked container. Although you say you are not interested in a concealed carry permit, it is worth looking into. Even if you don't plan on carrying all the time, it at least gives you the option to carry while you're sitting outside your RV or walking around the RV park. Connecticut has reciprocity with a bunch of states: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/ct-gun-laws/
  22. Pure propane stops vaporizing at -44.42 deg, at 14.7 psig. At -20 degF, the heat absorbed by the bottle has to exceed the refrigerating effect of the vaporizing propane. The liquid propane will reach -44-42 degF and stop vaporizing. You can always put a heat lamp on the tank to raise the temperature.
  23. You do not want to take a firearm into NY or NJ. Only recognize their own permits. If you are going to carry, you need to join a group like US Law Shield. They can help guide you through the requirements and to avoid NY and NY as well as CA. Ken
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