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  2. I use it and always from my laptop. I don't do Facebook or any other social media.
  3. I use the HHRV a lot. I use my desktop and laptop. I commend you for hosting the HHRV and hope it will continue. If there are costs, the users should chip in some support $.
  5. Wanna' talk about fabric & sewing heavier material? PM me, I am a canvas/upholstery fabricator.
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  7. Do not know where you have been Kevin, but at Houston TA, today you save 71 cents per gallon with a 65 cent transaction fee. So, take on 125 gallons, save $88.88 dollars off posted cash price, minus $0.65, minus $8.88 equals saving $79.35. So works for me just fine.
  8. In my opinion, a regular sewing machine is not the best option for fabric edging. Especially if you are doing a lot of projects.
  9. Thanks Tom. This sounds interesting. I think I'll try it. This seems to solve some of the problems I have with the whole streaming concept.
  10. Check out PlayOn: https://www.playon.tv/ This allows you to save streaming content to your computer.
  11. There is more stuff inside the locations you may consider wasted space. In your illustration above, there isn't enough room between your Bed and bath for the slideout to return inside for travel. There are companies who will customize your rig and build it to your specifications. The down side to that is you get what you ask for and have to pay for it even if the reality isn't the same as your dream. Once it's started it's yours. Rod
  12. Didn't know they did their series like that. The other reason we had wanted to download was so when they take the series away we would still be able to finish viewing it. We need to download to our PC, no space on our phone and we don't have a tablet. What is casting from the phone to the TV? In case we ever have a phone with enough extra space to do this.
  13. Netflix doesn't work that way. When Netflix releases a series (or adds a series to its library) all the episodes are available immediately. There is nothing to record on an ongoing basis like with broadcast TV or Satellite TV. Through the Netflix App you can download content to watch later when you do not have internet available. This is easy to do from the app on an IOS or Android device. Then if you wish to view that downloaded program on your television, simply cast it from your device to the TV or directly connect your device to the TV. On edit: Netflix will add seasons to shows on an ongoing (annual or whatever schedule) basis, but again when the new season is available all the episodes for that season will immediately be available. They don't release them one by one or weekly like broadcast TV or Satellite TV.
  14. Seems like the program is slowly getting to the point where your not going to save a lot once the fees are added in
  15. Yes I use it, it is a great resource. I use my windows lap top. Thank You Mark
  16. Interesting. I'll reach out and try to get more information from the DMV. Im curious to know if I need to live in Oregon for a certain period of time to "establish residency" before qualifying for that (I moved to Washington from Oregon two years ago).
  17. Nwcid

    HDT with HD Trailer

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
  18. Nwcid

    HDT with HD Trailer

    True, but you get exactly what you want and often built to a higher quality than mass produced. I do all kinds of custom projects. Some do end up costing more, but most do not.
  19. I built a spreadsheet to do the math if you put in the numbers from the scale ticket. Some of you guys that know the number better may want to check the formula's as this is the first time I did this. The link below goes to the shared google drive where the file is stored. I also have on there that I have been playing with to figure hitch position and total length. Truck and Trailer Weight Truck Trailer Weights.xlsx
  20. It would be interesting to know how most toy haulers are used. I would think a lot of them are really bunk houses with room for bicycles, kayaks, etc. The KZ described above would be more than ample used as such. Before we bought ours, I asked this forum for recommendations for something used, but solid. Not long on frills. Winners were the Newmar X-Aire and Carriage C-Force. I searched high and low but found one. Cargo capacity is just short of 7,000#. There was a 38' X-Aire offered, with three slides, or the 41' with two slides.
  21. I had a similar problem with our F53 chassis motorhome powered by the V10, only our case I started the engine and got no oil pressure. I shut down and called the Ford shop and they assured me that if there truly was no oil pressure it would sound noisy. I then drove to the Ford shop and they found wires to the pressure gauge were chewed by a mouse.
  22. The following comes from the OR Secretary of State website.
  23. Ditto And mostly from my computer, occasionally my Android tablet.
  24. 1. YES... Built my Truck using it and still use it today. 2. Windows PC Thanks for all the work!!!!!!
  25. So the other day I'm driving my Class C Ford E 450 Super Duty with the V10 towing my Honda CRV 4WD when all of a sudden a red light appears on the dash "check gauges" and the oil pressure gauge has fallen down to dead zero *&^%$#@.. I start to pull over and shut down when all of a sudden light goes off and oil pressure gauge jumps back to normal. There was NO rattling or lifter noises whatsoever. I check under the hood for leaks and check the oil and all is fine and it stayed so another couple hours no problem since. Of course I will inspect the sensor and its electrical connection and hope it isn't any dash circuit board problem grrrrrrrrrrrrr Anyone else experience that on their Ford V 10 ??? I was thinking if the computer got a no or low oil pressure signal why wouldn't it go into the limp home or shut down mode, but it ran perfect all the time, any thoughts from the Ford computer experts ????? John T I hate intermittent problems especially electrical
  26. Hey Glenn, great point if only one adequate inverter has the capacity to get you by say 90% of the time and all it takes is some common electrical sense and load shedding to cover the other 10%, GO FOR IT I SAY... Your projects have been fun for us sparkies at least, keep it coming John T Retired EE but still ever curious
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