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  2. Absolutely. I just set them onto the tires to get an idea of the fit. The frame is aired down so this is the lowest point. I'm thinking the thickness of a 2x4 clearance at this point. They will move away (up) 5" when the bags inflate.
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  4. I also use Chrome and have never had an issue.
  5. I thought it was about new campground design.
  6. I would leave room for chains or socks.
  7. There is over 12 BILLION in deferred maintenance just in the national parks alone! There are 421 national parks in need. https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/articles/2019/04/09/cost-of-unaddressed-national-park-repairs-grows-to-nearly-12-billion The water supply for Grand Canyon Nat'l Park has been patched for many years. It will cost at least 100 MILLION to fix it by 2025.
  8. Generally speaking, installing aftermarket (probably chinese) LED bulbs into fixtures originally intended for incandescent bulbs results in degraded lighting performance....not to mention the electrical problems you are having. I'd put the normal bulbs back in (use bulb grease) and move on to the next upgrade.
  9. We have a pair of lower-end Dahons. They're not as easy to ride as full size bikes. JMO
  10. I purchased construction window wells (plastic) in hopes that they might work. Got them from HomeDepo. Just over $20 ea. shipped to the store. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Shape-Products-37-in-x-24-in-Gray-Plastic-Straight-Window-Well-3724AWE/310205782 They are not as 'straight' as shown on the website. I'm impressed at the construction. 1/4"+ thick. They are 24" wide, 37" long and the depth is 16". They are flexible enough that I can form them with brackets to be a bit more round, if I choose. Tomorrow I will get some steel and start building brackets. I'll keep you posted. They will be painted with bed liner when done.
  11. Hi all. Any recommendations on where to find used, HDT RV haulers? Thanks. Todd
  12. I had a Dahon some years back, it was a good bike but not the same ride as a full size bike. Now that I can carry full size bikes the Dahon was sold. If you do buy a folder, get the biggest tires you can in order to have the best ride. I definitely wouldn't get smaller than 20". Bike Friday is a very well respected brand and is supposed to be as close as you can get to the ride of a full size bike.
  13. Cruzin today... 70 mph at 1300 rpms in 12th gear.
  14. So, the flasher sound in the cab is fast. The turn signals blink at a normal rate. The open circuit error happens when you turn the key to the on position. Computer is checking stuff I guess. Where's the flasher relay located? I'm guessing under the top dash panel where the fuses and such are.
  15. On the news this evening was a report about the increase in Facebook scams since the Pandemic compared with last year: https://www.nbc.com/nightly-news/video/ftc-warns-of-alarming-surge-in-social-media-scams/4252082 The sad thing is that the ads are still on Facebook and Instagram, if they can't verify their advertisers it doesn't give you much confidence in their news-feeds. But all "news" outlets are in business to make money so the consumer has to really do their homework to verify the veracity of the material presented.
  16. Big5er

    Classy RV Park

    Have you submitted it to the HDT campground page?
  17. That Zizzo looks interesting, and I'm glad to see them supporting vets on their website.
  18. I had a just-out-of-college High School History teacher that asked us this question one day in class: "What is the primary purpose of a newspaper?". We gave him predictable answers like "To keep the people informed of situations in their community and around the world", or "To hold elected officials accountable to their constituents". He responded, "No, the primary purpose of a newspaper is to make a profit for its owners and shareholders.". I remember his words to this day (some 45 years later).
  19. I am old enough that news was what was in newspapers and what you heard on am radio. Seemed fairly impartial in those days. Have some nephews that will read something on Facebook and when they agree with it, it becomes a fact. Personally don't use any social media except for how-to videos.
  20. 2 years ago we bought a pair of Zizzo Forte folding bikes and they are good bikes for the money. https://zizzo.bike/ Ken
  21. Esp given that so much of it is OPINIONS and less about facts. Have to certainly do due diligence. Put the work in if you want good results.
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  23. Not sure if a flasher will do it, but it's a cheap step. Cheaper than laptop time.
  24. definitely, try to remember that
  25. 1.9 billion a year max for fy21 -25 that must be used for deferred maintenance at 5 different departments nps, forest service ,blm, fish and wildlife. That's some serious potential improvements and updates that could be coming in the next 5 to 10 years
  26. Don't know if it is true, [might have read it on facebook] but it said 70% of millennials get all their news info off facebook and other social media. That is troubling to me.
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