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  2. Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine is the medical school at Texas A&M University. The college offers M.D., M.D./Ph. D., M.D./M.P.H, M.D./M.B.A., and several other M.D./M.S. dual degree programs. Texas Medical Schools Baylor College of Medicine Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine The University of Texas at Austin-Dell Medical School The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston McGovern Medical School The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Medical School The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine
  3. My wife and I have had no problems just calling our regular doctors when we need prescriptions renewed. We just have them call or send it to a CVS near us.
  4. I have a few friends who full time and live in campers. And once I go full time I plan on using a camper also.
  5. Also be aware of all the travel restrictions due to the China virus. A quick check is at a minimum of a 14 day quarantine up to a negative test within 72 hrs of arriving in state. Normally we travel into New England every summer to visit family and friends. Not happening this year. Two many conflicting requirements. And now some states are issuing fines for non compliance of the travel demands. For Acadia NP, even thirty years ago you needed reservations for the campgrounds during the heavy summer season. We usually went at least once per summer. A drive of about 2 hours. Enjoy if you go. Bill
  6. Texas A&M does not have a medical school. Medical Schools in Texas: TT in Lubbock, UT several places around the state and Baylor in Houston. U of Houston just started one.
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  8. But if they don't accept Medicate many of us would be better going to an ER or an Urgent Care Center that does. The initial premise of this thread, that the wife would have to go "home" to see a doctors is fallacious IMO. We've gone to ER's and Urgent Care facilities while on the road. CVS and other chains have "Minute Clinic" or equivalent in lots of locations. I can't imagine needing to fly home to one's personal doctor to get a refill.
  9. Near the end of the article, it mentions that 5th wheels don't have as much issue due to the 20-25% pin weight. Unfortunately that is no longer true. DRV has moved the axles forward do that the standard 350/3500 pickup can carry the pin. Our 46ft, DRV weighed 21420 empty with a pin weight of just 2830.... 13.4%. That was with full propane and 2 batteries. Towed like crap empty. We loaded as much of our personal belongings into the front of axle area to transfer weight forward.
  10. Super 77 holds down vinyl tops on cars..Good stuff. Don't get it on your hands.
  11. Well now today it went bang. Just a test of 5 lightweight bullets for aligning the scope. Yep it is offfff to the left. But I expected it be off somewhere. Only about 50 yards distance. So now I am thinking how could there be a simple adjustment devise be made on the rear of the scope. Maybe just file the saddle the scope sits in one way or the other. I did not install the iron sites yet but it may happen in the next few days. Next time I will raise the powder charge as today it only had about 30 grains of black powder. Also my portable test bench needs improvements also. Should measure powder charges before going to the range and have lubed bullets ready.. need to take cleaning supplies to clean the barrel often. After 5 shots it was getting tight in the barrel to push the bullets down onto the powder charge.
  12. We used 3M Super 77 as an adhesive when we had the boat company. Didn't have any issues with it releasing due to heat. We used it on the inside of engine covers with the thick Sound Down material.
  13. Have a look at 3M Thinsulate
  14. What kind of battery pack did you carry? You are correct, winter will be in the snow, however not in the back country. I wouldn't think, at this point anyway, that we'd be off the paved road any real distance as the chances of getting stuck are very real. Interesting about being able to maintain your charge in the rain, I hadn't heard that before. As far as size is concerned, the 30 footer seemed like plenty of space, we really haven't been in a 25-27 foot yet. Once we see one, we may decide that we also need more space than that. I will say that the 27 foot Northwood Fifth Wheel had enough room, although neither of us liked the layout. The 34 footer seemed gigantic.
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  16. Do you have any conditions that require continuing medications? Our experience has been that most doctors will not renew prescription medications without some of their own tests and diagnosis. Some drugs are more sensitive then others. Another thread brought up the use of Plush Care, online medical doctor services.
  17. It is an interesting website and while it is new to me, they have been in practice since 2014. I visited the home page of Plush Care and find it very interesting. I don't believe that I am quite ready to go totally online for medical services yet, but it is interesting. I still have several questions that I wasn't able to find answers for. Do they look at previous medical records like an in-person doctor usually does? What about lab tests for continuing conditions or annual physicals? Do they refer patients to another doctor for surgeries and such? If so, do they find you a doctor to go to?
  18. We had 300w for our 40' motorhome and served us very well for 8 years. Of course, we're not energy hogs. Charging was easily done wherever we were in the West.... in the East it may be different. We even got sufficient charge in Glacier Nat'l Park during one solid week of rain parked under trees. Our panels were in an opening of the trees so even the daytime light in the rain gave us enough charge. During sunny days we could last forever. What is your idea of boondocking in the winter on 4x4 roads? I guess I wrongly assumed by winter you meant in snowy conditions. Many places in the Southwest to do this. We used good gravel roads for our stays with the motorhome - up to approximately 20 miles from pavement. We didn't need 4x4 although we towed a Jeep which gave us excellent options for exploring farther in on true 4x4 roads. It's just us but we'd prefer a bigger RV for full-timing than you're thinking of and towing a car for siteseeing, shopping, etc. A car can go and fit in more places than a RV.
  19. Here is the website: https://plushcare.com/our-doctors/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LS_PlushCare&gclid=CjwKCAjwps75BRAcEiwAEiACMYedr9wzgTjF4ONNKHBubCZxKPYmZoxImPgd5Nlm3pCAQPHFTxQTnRoCxaIQAvD_BwE If you look at the web site there are pics and stats about their doctors. Here is one of them: https://www.caredash.com/doctors/allison-lovell-hjfnd Sounds like a good option to keep in mind.
  20. I can't find any reference on the website as to whether PlushCare takes Medicare. Here's the only statement about insurance that I see: PlushCare accepts the copays of most Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna & UnitedHealthcare plans. FWIW, my first reaction was also that it was an advertisement. It's just too smooth. JMO
  21. Welcome to the Escapees forums! We really enjoy seeing new members join us so do return and contribute often. Thanks for posting the information as it was new to me and it could help a lot of people here. Like BarbOK, we prefer to have a continuing relationship with a doctor for our ongoing medications, because of possible need for changes or changes in our medical condition. I am really surprised that they renewed the medications without a visit or lab work. I'm particularly surprised by the depression medication as we have found it to be one of the more sensitive medications for renewal. If you aren't aware of it, you can get about anything in Mexico if get down near the border. I don't know why you made such a remark, but I assure you that the SKP number is valid and I appreciate the new information.
  22. Why do you think that? We have several professional writers on this forum. Linda
  23. To relocate the kitchen may be possible, but it would push the cost far up and with many rigs there could be structural problems that make it impractical. Moving the RV appliances adds a lot of cost and work since many of them (refrigerator, water heater, furnace) have openings to the outside and the hole to be repaired can be pretty large. Moving the furnace would mean patching a hole of about 18" square, rerouting the propane supply, the 120V & 12V electric supply and all of the duct work. Windows could be modified but changing the size or moving them may be impractical because there is often structural elements of the walls that are problematic. Major changes there is further complicated by the fact that most RVs today have walls that are constructed as a laminated unit with all openings structurally built into the unit. The electrical wiring is is usually also in the wall during the lamination process. You would do well to take the factory tour.
  24. I am full time and don’t have a home base. When I need a Dr I just go on the MediCare website, type in my location and find a local Dr. I call and make an appointment. I usually stay in one location for a month and can get in before I leave. The only problem is with the follow up.
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