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  2. Thank you so much Kirk. I just verified that ours were received. I had not heard of this being possible before.
  3. Howdy Jim, I have stayed out of this as I can't give good recommendation for the guy that built my bed. The work that Kevin DID,was excellent, however his main bread and butter work took preference over jobs like mine and he FAILED to finish the work as we had initially agreed to. He makes much more money much easier bolting custom parts on to brand new trucks then he did doing work such as he did on my truck. I was left to finish the job and I am still working on getting done the way I wanted it to be finished. Dave
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  5. Mine arrived today, it's amazing to me how the O2 level changes. It was 94, walked across the room-it was 92. I have what the Dr. called acute chronic bronchitis and asthma. I expect when I walk down to the mailbox and back up to the house it goes under 90. Amazing gadget.
  6. I didn't know how shallowly I normally breathe until I was hooked up to a monitor after a colonoscopy. I had to actually remember to breathe deeply to keep from setting off the alarm. Linda
  7. My cousins had a party line. It was odd to me to hear the phone ring but not answer it because it wasn't for you. I was taught to answer the phone by saying, "Sherman residence." One day I answered it and my grandfather said, "That's odd; so is this." Linda (Sherman) Sand
  8. They appear to cost twice as much as rigid panels.
  9. all good advice above Basically it's going to be a dig through the wiring harnesses and find worn insulation / pinched wire / etc exercise. Finding some intel which explains what the fuses are responsible for may give you an easier place to start, but ultimately it'll be a hunt and peck effort. Shop's will likely charge out at flat rate, cost depending upon how soon they find the issue will be the gating factor on cost. Difficult to estimate.
  10. Our AZ tracking even gives all the elections we've voted in the past.
  11. I remember listening in on neighbor's phone conversations. The good ole' days!
  12. Yup, big feet and big wrenches don't play well with little wires. You just expanded your search area by a bit.
  13. No crank, just click once to get the operator.
  14. All that , plus , I was born to make it even more eventful . LOL I only remember a couple things from before I could walk . Nothing like loosing someone or nearly so . We had a party line : Mohawk 99176 . My mother had that # until she died in 2011 .
  15. I keep hearing about flexible panels, short life and started looking at warranty. To my surprise, some flexibles has 25 year warranty. Now lots are 5 years, so one has to do the research. I can see them on very curved roofs, awnings, etc. Renogy has some flexible with 25 year warranty.
  16. Did you have to "click" the receiver or turn a crank?
  17. I understand the rings but not the line . In 1975 I moved onto a farm 1 1/2 miles off Interstate 20/hwy80 in Forney, Tx area and was surprised to find that the best I could get was a four party line. It was 25-30 miles from downtown Dallas and only 2 mile from downtown Forney.
  18. NM tracks, but my absentee ballot has been such a nightmare I don't know if it will count. It arrived in CA despite the county clerk telling me it wouldn't be forwarded, and after I'd signed an affidavit that I didn't receive a ballot at home. Replacement ballot arrived yesterday. I voted with the forwarded ballot, sent back by express mail with tracking. Called clerk. Vote will count. What a hassle. The only business in the country still on paper: medical bills and voting.
  19. I understood your post. I would not want that tiny thing either, however, I wouldn't mind one of those Travelwaves.
  20. on the Pulse Oximeter: get one anyway - it's not just Covid that affects the lungs - and some health issues are much more subtle but can be picked up by monitoring blood oxygen content.
  21. I agree with Jim....i had a problem like yours when down in Myrtle Beach a couple years ago. Found this mechanic shop and he put 2 of his best on it. My rig is a 1997 WIA 64 with a series 60, 11.1. they found several gremlins when they pulled my dashboard controls. Full of dust and corrosion. They cleaned everything up and deoxed all connections. Bottom line.... problem solved. They also did the same thing for all the grounds on the truck and under the hood. Best of luck and welcome.
  22. With our phone you put the receiver to your ear, listen to make sure that the line was not in use. Crank the handle and the operator responded, central, number please. “
  23. Yes, I am. It was 1950-1951 and I was in Kindergarten - the year that I had mumps, measles, chickenpox, and German measles, as did my best friend who lived across the alley from us. Our mothers would help us call each other, standing in the window waving at each other, while we were sick. That was also the same year that my uncle, who worked for my dad, was knocked off a log tow and drowned, my dad was blown about 30 feet into the air when one of the tug boats blew up (burned pretty badly) and my mom had a miscarriage. All in all, the year from hell and made quite and impression on a 5 yr old.
  24. The pulse oximeter is a good thing to have, not just because of the virus, but because as we all age our lungs become less elastic and often subtle changes in how well the lungs are working will show up in the pO2 level (oxygen level). One of the tell-tale signs for a lot of Covid patients has been O2 levels that are way down but they feel fine - until the point that they are almost dead. And if you have any heart condition, they are just another tool that help you monitor how well you are doing. I figure that if one of us gets it, both of us will have it. So we approach everything that way. With Dave's heart/kidney conditions, he only goes to medical appointments. Very, very seldom do I do in store shopping - mainly just pickup and when available, I use curbside pickup where they bring the already paid for merchandise out to the car.
  25. You must be really old . But , sounds like you have a decent memory .
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