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RDBE (for those in the know)

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My favorite quote by St. Augustine, " The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page". Well, the page is getting pretty boring, so I decided to turn the page and attempt the trip to Crossville with Henry and the Centurian! We will be staying in the Hummingbird Cabin again ( handicapped accessible), however it is not available until Sunday so we will be a day late arriving. It will be truly great to see all the RDBE gals again and welcome lots of new ones to the fold.

We are 160 members strong as of the 2016 HDT Rally in Hutch! Happy 11th birthday RDBE gals, safe travels to all and keep the drivers seat warm:) June 2006-June 2017! Davena RDBE #1


So glad you are able to attend the 2017 ECR and conduct the RDBE meeting on Wednesday. We have missed you.

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Update for ECR RDBE meeting. Davena will be attending and conducting this meeting this year. So glad she us able to attend this year. She had been missed.


Yes she has!! Looking forward to seeing her steer the ship - err, I mean RIG - again!

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