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Great service experience in Lake City FL

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A L B Diesel and Auto Repair.

This shop was fantastic, Stan the owner let me know he was going to be a little while responding to my mobile service request. He was tied up on another job, he gave me an estimated arrival.  After speaking with him I felt confident that it would be worth the short wait.  

Stan called me 20 minutes before the appointment time to let me know he may be a hand ful of minutes late.

The communication was very much appreciated.

I believed we were experiencing more fuel related issues with losing prime, but explaining what I was observing with the truck, he said not fuel problem but electrical problem.

He started at the fuse panel, and went to the batteries and in less than 10 minutes found a poorly connected 12 volt line that feeds the ECU.  Cleaned it and the truck fired right up.

He explained what I could do to fix it, and had I been home at my shop, I may have.

I was so impressed with his communication and diagnostic skill, I asked if he might have time to do the repair.  He said he did, and the estimate was more than reasonable, so I followed him to his shop.

Justin and Stan jumped on it together and had the repair done quickly.

I cannot express how much I appreciated the character of these two men.  Great HONEST repair facility.



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Awesome.  I have found several shops that are worth going back to or mentioning...........................Please share the list!!!!! thanks

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