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I have a 2015 Itasca 42 QD that came with a air mattress that needs to be replaced. The air bag leeks, the pump is intermittent and the foam box the air bag sits in is coming apart. I do not want to replace it with another air mattress. After doing some research I have found a company called Mattress Insider that is highly recommended. They have a gel foam mattress and a latex mattress. Not sure which to get. Has anyone purchased a mattress from this company and if so which one, the gel foam or the latex? Also in order to bring the bedroom slide in I have to raise the head of the bed. Will either be able to fold a little to bring up the head of the bed. The manufacturer says they can put a hindge in the bed but I’m afraid I will feel the hinge while sleeping on the bed and would rather not have a hinge installed in the mattress. Thanks in advance for all your replies. 

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Either of those will be heavier than a standard mattress, if weight matters. I doubt anyone could feel a piano hinge through any full-thickness mattress.


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Well after speaking to the manufacturer I have been advised that the latex mattress is much more firm than the gell foam. I don’t want a soft mattress but don’t want a real hard one either. I have ordered the 5.5 inch RV King (80x72) with an extra 3 inch of foam for a total of 8 inches of gell. It’s 1.5 inch of soft gell 3.5 inches of medium and 3.5 inches of firm gell on the bottom. The hinge is made of fabric so no worries of feeling it. All is covered with an organic topper. It will take 7-10 days to arrive and I will let you know how it feels when I get it. Even tho it’s considered a custom order I got it for under $600. Free shipping via FedEx. 

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