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Tent Camper to Trailer / RV Boondocking Off the Grid

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I'm not sure what it is that you want to discuss, but do agree with you that life changes do frequently plan a part in the transition from tent to RV for those who go that route. I began tenting as a boy, moved into travel on foot with a backpack, later to a family tent, and then a popup trailer. During that trip we also spent a vacation or two in remote country by horseback. We later moved to self-contained trailers and eventually to a motorhome and then to fulltime traveling, which isn't commonly done with tent. Many of the people on these forums who spend extended periods off of the grid, do so in pretty much the same comfort as they would when on grid with full hookups, but by using solar and such to maintain most or the conveniences. 

I do very much agree that most of us reach a point when we don't get off grid as we age and at 77 I am one of those, but I do still find off grid RVing and even backpacking & tenting to be interesting even though I'll never participate in the activity again. 

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We started out tent camping, I actually did it in a 2 man mountain tent and probably racked up 60 days or so in the tent. Including weeks in Yosemite during a snowy winter and weeks in DVNP. My first tent was a tube tent if any of you recall those monstrosities. Just about cooked me in northern Wisconsin while the mosquitoes landing lights kept me awake all night. But I got married and we moved to a wall tent that lasted several years including our first trip out west from Florida to Idaho via YNP and the Wind Rivers.

Then we got our first tiny popup and have been getting bigger and bigger RV's over the years until we peaked with a 34 ft fiver and moved back down to our current 30 ft TT. Which suits us fine an works very well for boondocking/no hookup camping.

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We started out with three of us in a 7 pound backpacking tent. Graduated to a tent trailer. And on up. Our largest was a 35 foot motor home set up for boondocking. My last one was a custom conversion van set up for boondocking. I spent a lot of wintertime living in the Arizona desert. I also lived in it a parking lot in North Carolina for three months while participating in an exercise/weight loss program when their lodging was fully booked for part of my stay there.

Linda Sand

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