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First Time Owners: Entegra Odyssey 24b Protections?

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Hi!, My partner and I just bought a brand new 2020 Entegra Odyssey 24b. We have never owned an RV but love our trips to National Parks, Campsites, Lakes and felt that rather than always renting VBRO etc we could bring our home on wheels with it decked out to our own liking. 

We bought from La Mesa RV and we loved our sales experience with Zach. No pressure, friendly... At the end of the paperwork we were presented with protection plans and since we have never owned an RV we are wondering about these services. Safety and Security are my top of the things that I always keep in mind when making decisions so it is with that lens that I make decisions. I am sure we will make newbie mistakes that we realize "yep we didn't need that or yep we DID need that". We also don't make impulsive quick decisions without research. We have been looking at RVs for well over a year and knew ahead of time what we (thought) we wanted and a good price based on nationwide research of comparative pricing. 

So after that background here are the plans offered:

7 yr  or 5 yr complete protection






We bought it primarily for the two of us though between us we have 6 mostly grown kids and two grandkids and a tiny yorkie. I can't imagine the older kids coming but I do have a 14 yr old that will come for sure on occasion. 

We are so excited about this new adventure and would welcome some experienced advice about these plans. Many thanks for the replies.



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The vast majority of RV owners that I know do keep a road service plan. I have had ERS from Good Sam, then Coach-Net, and currently have Escapees road service through Safe Ride. What that does is to take care of things like tire changes, winch out if stuck, or towing in the event of a breakdown. Any of those can be very expensive if you do not carry coverage. 

By "7 yr  or 5 yr complete protection" I would assume that you are talking about an extended warranty? If so, the answer to that depends on you and how you use the RV. You won't has money with one except in rare cases but you may sleep better knowing that you have coverage. I suggest that you read this article from Escapees Magazine on the subject before you make up your mind as it is a pretty subjective issue.  

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4 hours ago, Kirk W said:

it is a pretty subjective issue.  

Which is why most of us are reluctant to give advice on this topic other than to encourage having a roadside service plan. :)

Linda Sand

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