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progressive ind 50 amp surge protecter

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well the deal fell through, so not buying a new fiver this year, or next.

so have this brand new never used progressive industries EMS-W50C. surge protector.

this is the built in unit, easy to wire up. i bought it for a good amount but willing to take a bit of a loss here.

only $200.usd plus shipping. 3 pounds 14 oz. US only. usps priority mail is $12.80, in there med box.

pickup possible if your in this area, sac, stockton, modesto, ca.

only here for a short then on to e-bay.





interested email me. or leave a message on this site.

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price change

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somebody can use this. heck i even lowered the price, this is a new never used item. not used junk.

just my fiver is a 30 amp, the bigger one the deal fell apart, good thing as my employer  cut my pay. (they want a bigger profit).

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Where does this get wired in?  Between the shore power and the converter?  Between the converter and the batteries?  Between the batteries and the inverter?

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