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Bedroom tv puzzling

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2010 New Horizon

1. no coaxial cable stub in Bedroom only Sat and Antenna.

2 Front cabinet- I have bypassed the Winegard switch box and used a splitter for Main cable in. Attached Main TV (works fine)

Attach cable marked Bedroom TV. No signal TV. Attaching to SAT coaxial stub, as there is no cable stub.

Am I missing something here.

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Cable TV and OTA usually use the same coaxial cable. Sat needs a separate cable because the signal will not pass through the Winegard amplifier. Have you tried connecting the TV  to the antenna stub?

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Chuck,  don't know if this will help or not.  Winegard antennas have a pre-amp board in the antenna.  The pre-amp needs 12 volts DC to work.  This is fed UP the coax from the antenna/cable switch usually found near the main TV.  The powered pre-amp supplies an amplified AC TV signal to the switch box/power supply.  A DC blocking capacitor keeps DC out of the cables going to the TV receivers.  Inside the switch box power supply is a TV signal splitter.  One part of the splitter goes to the main TV, the other to perhaps the bedroom TV.  When the LED on the power supply is illuminated 12 volts is going up to the pre-amp and you have an amplified OTA TV signal.  When it is off a signal fed by the outside cable connection will pass un-amplified through the signal splitter built into the power supply board.  The signal splitter is a passive device and needs no external power.  If you bypass the power supply/signal splitter with a conventional passive 2-way splitter chances are your OTA antenna will not work (no power) but cable will work.

OK, where is the possible problem?  I have found the coax cables connected to the wrong ports on the power supply/splitter from the factory.  I have found improperly installed F fittings on the coax (spike too short, center/shield shorted).  Coax cables cut.  A two way splitter installed for FM radio after the power supply/switch improperly connected and cables never even attached.

As for satellite.  Pre-wiring without the dish is usually a cable from each dish tuner location run to an install point on the roof.  An additional control cable "may" be run from the main TV to the roof location.  The roof install location is usually marked on the roof or under some sort of cover plate.  If you use one of the popular tailgater style dish antennas installing additional coax cable is often needed.

Maybe this will help you locate the problem.  I have done trouble shooting on several new units for our local dealership.  New does not mean it was done right.  Well intentioned shop techs that think they understand MATV often mess things up even worse.

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