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New texas Driver's License - Residence address

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1 hour ago, Kirk W said:

Your understanding isn't quite accurate. Shawn is the CEO of Escapees organization as well as the principle of Loring & Associates, which is located on the street where you enter Rainbow's End. His parents were among the very early members of the RV club so he grew up attending Escapee events. 

Thanks for that information.  Even more reason why MrsSquid would wonder what his opinion might be.

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Good morning! My name is K. Susie Adams ("Susie").I am an attorney working with Shawn Loring at Loring & Assoc. Although a lawyer's opinion does not appear necessary in this conversation, we thought we might chime in. We are asked this question rather often: which box do you check when renewing your license in Texas and there's no box for your lifestyle? The answer, as many of you have indicated, is "single family dwelling." It doesn't exactly "fit", but that's because full time RVing doesn't "fit" into the never-changing categories set up by the state government. I hope this helps alleviate some concerns. And yes we do not mind "weighing in" if we catch the conversation. Best to you all and happy full-time RVing!

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