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Glider Kits No Longer Available

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1 hour ago, Big5er said:

It's not the old frame they want, Lou. They want that old, pre emissions, engine with a new truck and frame around it :) 

Right.  But keeping the old frame preserves the original VIN number.  A new cab and hood is just body work and accomplishes pretty much the same thing, updating the truck with all of the new bells and whistles.

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5 hours ago, noteven said:

Video title page has fake news? 1989? Kenworth  built gliders long before 1989

Anyways I can’t watch it in camp right now mobile phone data is too expensive so I will have to go mooch a connection somewhere....

I turned a 1981 Peterbilt 359 into a glider one time one minute the Detroit Diesel 8V92T complete with 110mm injectors was purring along at 1500rpm 10 seconds of fussing and soft pedal and it quit. Became a zero emissions vehicle. “Fuel gauge! You lie to me! I wailed. Amazing how many squeaks, clunks, chuckles, and chirps are evident in a 60 mph glider.  

Anyone remember how you prime and start a DD 2 cycle turbo supercharged Diesel engine?

Loosen the fuel headers under the valve covers and crank on the starter until it fountains up.  You might try running it ether to get it primed, but not if it was your engine 🤭

easier to troubleshoot the cruise control back then. Is the hand throttle cable connected?  Cruise is hooked up!

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39 minutes ago, Exile said:

You might try running it ether to get it primed, but not if it was your engine 🤭


WD-40 sprayed into the air intake works as a starting fluid but is much gentler on the engine.  At least that's what I observed when the glow plugs went out on my VW diesel.

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I made the forced landing not far from town. Mechanic zoomed out with a buckboard with some fuel. We fueled the feed tank. He had a small electric fuel pump. Dropped the pickup in the fuel and attached the out side hose to this handy plug on the fuel system. Alligator clip wires to the batteries. Circulated fuel till we had return steady to the tank. Bumped the starter and vroooom... then we fixed the gauge back at the shop.

No computers were needing an update in the whole procedure.😀


back to gliders...

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Just one more item, that was used wrong. Gliders were started to allow a person. That wrecked there truck, to buy a new unit. But save there running gear. Years ago most that did this. Had a newer tractor, that was wrecked. Or had just rebuilt the engine

Then these companys jumped in making big $$. Thus destroying the Glider kits.

This is not the end of the Gliders. Its just not a big Profit for the Big builders. Thus they will not build a few.

Fitzgerals had started moving away from this 3 years ago. That's why they own a bunch of Peterbilt dealerships now. Plus slatted to build the new Super Trucks ( Nikola One electric-powered trucks ) In the start.

Loop holes allowed the over use of Gliders. Loop holes now kills most of the market.

Sad how much news shows the dirty trucks. When most Gliders with older engines. Burn way less fuel (not all) and way less downtime for years.

I see a day when we will no longer be able to use a Diesel engine. Well I will not live to see it. But our Grand kids I fear will. May be the best of times then also.


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