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99 Volvo Ground Locations

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Having intermittent electrical problems with the dash, truck sometimes wont engage starter, Christmas tree of lights on the dash, sometimes buzzer sounds/sometimes not during boot up.  Replaced starter that seized, alternator that had bad + connection that arced and failed.  Have new headlight switch and ignition switch to put in.  It's obvious that someone b4 me has had the instrument cluster out and opened up.  Cannot reproduce the problem w any sequence of actions or wiggling harness behind instrument cluster.  Going to replace the above switches and would like to find, check and clean ground locations under the dash and hood.  Any help with where they are, particularly troublesome ones very appreciated.   Thanks for any replies and help.

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 This the passenger side cab grounds on the engine side of the firewall. Just up from the exhaust pipe and towards outside of the truck. Three of them.




 This is the other side location of three cab grounds. The are just under the pass through for the air lines. On the outside of firewall. Yet hey are there just hard to see.uSBUKKul.jpg


 They caused an very intermittent miss on our Cummins about 5 years ago.


 Hope this helps,.   Vern

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