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Dometic Fridge Question

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I have a Dometic Fridge. The switches on the front panel are ON/OFF and GAS. That’s it. The only indicator lights are AUTO and CHECK. 

I’m plugged into 30AMP shore power and have plenty of propane. 

Both the Auto and Check lights were illuminated. I wanted to save propane. I turned off the propane valve. 

Now, the fridge interior light is on, but no indicator lights are on. The fridge seems to be working?! But, only because the interior light is on and the food is cold. I’ll check again after some time. 

Why isn’t the AUTO light illuminated? How do I know if it’s running off gas or electric? 

I’m new to this... only a couple weeks into RV’ing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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There are many different models of Dometic refrigerator so to be of any help we need to know which one you have. 

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To run on AC only, press the  on/off button to ON (depressed). Do not depress GAS button, do not depress auto button. Unit will run on A/C only, with no lights illuminated.

To run on GAS only, open gas bottle valve (if not already open) and depress GAS button in addition to ON button. Unit will run on GAS only. No lights will be lit under normal circumstances. (unless gas is empty or not igniting for some reason which will illuminate the CHECK light).

To run on AUTO, depress ON button and depress AUTO button. Do not depress GAS button. AUTO light will be illuminated and unit will run on AC and automatically switch over to gas in event of power failure and AUTO light will not be illuminated. It will automatically switch back to AC when power is restored and AUTO light will again be illuminated. 

CHECK switch will only be illuminated when it won't run on gas for whatever reason (igniter failure, empty bottle etc) or when AC power is out and you try to run it on AC only.

Most folks keep their units on AUTO.

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