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When are you going? 

The huge US travel trade show will descend on the area on June 1 until June 6, and Disneyland will be hosting the opening night party. That means huge crowds, but they'll already be huge due to the May 30 opening of Galaxy's Edge. Hopefully you're going before May 30. There will be a lot of media in town starting May 27, for a big preview of Galaxy's Edge. That may mean an early closing of the park. It will certainly mean a lot more guests (in this case, media) in the park. 

If you're going for Galaxy's Edge, Disneyland will require reservations (free) to get into the land. At this point they're all sold out. 

If none of those dates apply to you, you're in for a wonderful vacation! If you're visiting after May 30 (and especially after June 6), the big attractions that don't have Star Wars attached to them will have somewhat shorter waits, as everyone clamors to get into Galaxy's Edge. That's in your favor. But bring your patience along, and do make sure to allow extra time just getting to the parks, and into them. 

Have you been before? Do you have a rough plan sketched out? Are you ready to ditch the plan and allow for some flexibility as you tour? It's a magical time, and a surprisingly emotional time if you're a big Disney fan. Nothing quite like walking where Walt walked.

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Here now and planning on going tomorrow.  Purchased a 4 day pass.  Was thinking of just going on weekdays as I would think the weekends will be REALLY busy.  So I figure 2 days in each park to make sure that we have time to see what there is to offer.

We are planning on taking public transportation in and back to the rig. A lot less expensive then the $25 day parking, plus I do not need to try to find a spot.  I read where security going in can take a while.  How long of a weight should I expect?  I am thinking of getting there around noon to 2pm and staying atleast to the fireworks program.

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If you wait until noon or after to arrive the wait to get in will be less daunting than they are between 9am and 11:30am. Maybe figure on 5 minutes max to get through security. Could be much less. 

To be honest, I'd aim for closer to noon than 2pm. The parks are big, and there is a LOT to do, much of it designed to slow you down and tempt you away from the attractions. That's a good thing; there are so many wonderful details worth slowing down to enjoy. With the luxury of 4 days you should still be able to see most of it. Weekdays will be better than weekends. 

SO glad to hear you're not going during the Star Wars madness. It'll be jaw-dropping! We'll be there for it, but we're suckers for punishment and we know Disney so well we're fine with just concentrating on Galaxy's Edge. Not a happy plan for new visitors, though!


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