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protection from dog attack

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On 5/11/2019 at 12:07 PM, kb0zke said:

Quite a few years ago our neighbor's overweight pit bull got loose and visited our dog, who was on a run line. The pit wanted to fight, and our dog was more interested in playing. Our dog was backing up as the pit came toward him. Finally the pit lunged. As he made contact with the front end of our dog, out dog's hind end made contact with the electric fence. There was a brown streak going one way and a black one going the other, but dogs crying in pain. By that time the neighbor arrived to get his dog. We told him what happened, and we all had a good laugh.

When we host we frequently have to tell people that their dogs need to be on a leash whenever outside of their vehicle. When we're not hosting we may mention it if a dog comes up to us, but usually we will just report it to the host or ranger.

And the owner usually lets the dog off of the leash as soon as the host gets out of sight.  I have told the same owner multiple times to please keep their dog on a leash and finally had the ranger throw them out.   The feeling is "My Dog Won't Bite" and "The Rules Don't Apply to Me".

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2 hours ago, edatlanta said:

The feeling is "My Dog Won't Bite" and "The Rules Don't Apply to Me".

While both of those attitudes do show up, we never had a lot of problems with folks of either belief. At our home-base we do have a neighbor with the second attitude.

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While on leash, my standard schnauzer has been attacked 3 times over the years, by a larger dog off leash.  She has now gotten to where she is immediately a more aggressive with a strange dog.  I cannot blame her.

For protection, I now carry a 5 foot long maple hiking stick and have had to fend off a few dogs that were off leash.  I one area, the loose dogs were so bad, that I started carrying pepper spray.  

Most dogs will stop with a loud ... STOP command.  A few won't.

The big problem is not so much with bad dogs as bad dog owners.


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While off leash, our dog was attacked by a much smaller dog also off leash.  Luckily for the idiot dog/owner, ours has a "what's your deal" attitude as he could have probably taken his head off in one bite.  What's amazing here is how many people simply don't know how their dogs will behave and act accordingly.


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Years ago our young family had a new kitten.  The kitten was exploring the back yard when the neighbor's pit bull (running loose as usual) saw it and charged.  The kitten retreated farther  into the back yard where the pit cornered it against the fence.  I was told this story by a neighbor boy who ran to the door and knocked frantically to tell me that the cat was being attacked.  I grabbed up my axe handle and ran to the back yard expecting to find a gory scene.  As I rounded the house, the pit bull went tearing by me running the other way with blood all over his head and neck.  Afraid of what I'd find, I continued into the back yard to find the cat.  There he was sitting by the fence calmly licking blood off his fur.  I inspected him for damage but found none.  It turns out the kitten had attacked the pit and ripped half his ear off and raked his throat pretty good.  The neighbor came over later in the day wanting me to pay the $400 vet bill.  I told him he must be kidding me - I had clearly warned him to keep his dog out of my yard - and now he knew why - Ninja Attack Kitten...



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