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2-way refrig options

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My 6 cu.ft. Norcold N621 is dying.  Trying to shop for a replacement and it looks like, not only is this model not made any more, Norcold doesn't make a 6 cu.ft. 2-way RV frig anymore (unless I am missing something).

Closest things I find are the Dometic DM2652 and DM2662 (6.3 and 6.11 cu.ft), but they are slightly wider (1/2") and taller (3/4") than my Norcold so it looks like I'll have to pay to have the opening enlarged somewhat, in addition to the expense of the frig and installation.  Hopefully it will be worth it!

Questions:  Anyone have feedback on reliability of that Dometic model (or other similar models)?  And am I overlooking another option?  (Oh, and I did look up the Norcold conversion chart which shows what new models can be used to replace old ones, and they don't even list the N621.)

Thanks for your input! 

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Thanks, Kirk.  I was quoted a price from a repair shop for a new cooling unit, plus labor, that would approach the cost of a new refrigerator.  Also when researching what goes into installing a new cooling unit, it looks like it can be a complicated process and if it is not done right, I would be no better off than before... just way poorer.  So it made sense to me to go with a new frig at this point.  Good idea, though, if it were more economical. :)

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I'm not sure that I'd replace a cooling unit either but thought I'd make sure that you know that they are available. I see reports on these forums of successful replacement by the end user but when I had a refrigerator fail at 11 years old, I put in a new one. 

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Here's the skinny for anyone else with a similar question.

Norcold's 7 cu ft NA7LX will work in the N621 opening with no modifications necessary.  It is also a 2-way unit.  It also isn't a full 7 cu.ft--more like 6.5.  Important to note:  Buy a trim adapter kit for the old frig's door panels so that they will fit the larger unit, unless you want to buy new doors.

Thanks for your help, ya'll.

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