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Who built the storage box on the back of their truck?

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6 hours ago, lockmup68 said:

Few thoughts:

1. even though it is heavy and unlikely, bolts or locking pins to keep the handsy people at bay

2. Need to relocate the license plate so it is not blocked? or is it acceptable in this case? 

3. Are you relocating the light connections? I'm mostly thinking rubbing of trailer wire on the genset.

4. Are you putting the genset in a box? Or just a cradle. Just thinking you don't want someone coming by and starting it up if it is wide open on the back.

1. I'm not sure how easy it's going to be to access them at all. I may need to ramp up the rear of the truck even to get to them.

2. The plate and the rear ID lamps will have to be relocated to somewhere visible.  I'm guessing the rear panel of the box, ie the door. 

3. The trailer connection and the camera plug will both need to be relocated. Still unsure exactly how or where. 

4. A "box". Never been a mention of a platform  or cradle, always a "box". I agree, I wouldn't want a generator just sitting out there in the open. 

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4 pics showing wood/fiberglass box.  Definitely not good for anything but light bulky things (canopy, firepit, truck cover, inflatable boat, etc).  Maybe it will give you some ideas you could beef up on.  Everything rides pretty smoothly back there. 

I didn't relocate the license plate (not visible if bobtail until you're almost next to the box).  Truckers don't have rear plates since they are almost always towing so I figured if they can go bob-tail w/o, I'm OK.

Did relocate the brake lights up on outside of the edge of the bed.  I've got a stinger box on the 5th wheel too, but it's only for a honda 2000...built and looks similar but much smaller scale.







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