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Major Changes To Windows In The May Updates

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Instead of the pattern of April/October for major changes to Windows because of some issues with games they delayed the April major update until next month. I would imagine there will be some updates next Tuesday which is the second Tuesday of the month. The articles that I will link to show you that even folks with Windows Home will be able to defer and control their updates even more than the folks with Windows Pro could do before. Being on the road with slow or limited Internet , a problem fast going away along most routes will not be exacerbated by Windows updates when you are not ready for them. The article I am excerpting a tiny bit from is a comprehensive listing and overview with a lot of screen shots and related links to get you prepared and able to understand the major changes that are going to happen. The April major change is delayed so that games that crash with the security changes have time for their vendors to fix the issues. I will only list the main topics covered in more depth in the article here:



"Everything New in Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

Windows 10’s next update is the May 2019 Update, which is version 1903 and was codenamed 19H1 during development. It features a light theme, speed improvements, and lots of polish. There are no crazy new features like My People or Timeline.

This article includes everything new as of Insider Preview build 18362.30, released on April 4, 2019. Microsoft previously called this Windows 10’s April 2019 Update, but it was delayed. The update will spend time in the “Release Preview” ring being tested before a stable release later in May."

Big Changes to Windows Update

Speed Improvements (Thanks to Better Spectre Fixes)

The news of Spectre shook the industry at the start of 2018. Spectre is a design flaw in CPUs, and it allows programs to escape their restrictions and read other programs’ memory spaces. Microsoft patched Windows to help block Spectre attacks, but the resulting patches reduced your PC’s performance in some scenarios—especially on PCs from 2015 and earlier, which don’t have the CPU features needed to speed up the fix.

Now, a change in the April 2019 Update looks set to practically eliminate those performance penalties and speed your PC back up. Specifically, Microsoft is enabling “retpoline” and “import optimization.” All you need to know is your PC should get faster, and you won’t even need to think about it. But here’s a detailed document from Microsoft explaining how these optimizations work if you’re interested in the details.

7 GB of Your PC’s Storage Reserved for Updates

A Light Desktop Theme

Windows Sandbox for Professional Users

A Less Cluttered Default Start Menu

Windows 10 Lets You Uninstall More Built-in Apps

Cortana and the Search Bar Are Separating

The Start Menu Searches All Your PC’s Files

Passwordless Login

A System Tray Icon for Windows Update

Desktop Apps in Virtual Reality

A New Update Naming Scheme (For Now)

Zoom (and More) in the Console

More Automatic Troubleshooting

Notifications Hidden in Full-Screen Apps

Easy Access to Linux Files

Notepad Improvements, Once Again

Blue Screens of Death in Some Games

This update contains a change that causes some games to crash Windows with blue screens of death (BSOD) due to their anti-cheat software. Most—but not all—games have fixed the issue. This was known as a “green screen of death” or GSOD bug because these error screens are green and not blue in Insider builds of Windows 10.

If you launch a game that hasn’t yet fixed the problem in the final release, it will freeze your system with a blue screen. The anti-cheat programs were probably doing terrible things to the Windows kernel and this change probably makes Windows 10 more stable and secure, but it’s a shame that some gamers will stumble into blue screens of death.

We hope all anti-cheat software developers clean up their act and patch this issue quickly. From what Microsoft has said, this issue will be rare.

More Improvements and Changes

Even More Changes!

Again the in depth article is here: https://www.howtogeek.com/402569/everything-new-in-windows-10s-april-2019-update/


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