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ECR Project Headcount Would be Appreciated

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It would be extremely helpful for me to have some sort of headcount for the build-it project at the ECR.  I have asked those who want to participate to bring a 50 amp plug.  I will be bringing the remaining materials and knowing if I have enough or too many will help as I get things together.  The following is an edited repost of what was put up earlier:

Posted March 6 (edited)

This is the preferred 50 amp plug. 

Clicking on the above link to Amazon will allow on-line ordering.  Plugs should be available at any RV parts store and selected WalMart stores.


The quick check tester will include these functions:

L1 to neutral pedestal wiring OK

L2 to neutral pedestal wiring OK

L1 to ground pedestal wiring OK

L2 to ground pedestal wiring OK

The correct phase relationship between L1 and L2

No reversed hot or neutral connections

Bonding of ground and neutral at the pedestal

Failure of select lights to illuminate will indicate a possible fault in the pedestal wiring.

This is a simple low-tech project for those that do not have a commercial EMS or want to do a quick check of any 50 amp park outlet.  The indicator lamps are neon with resistors pre-attached.  Extension wires will need to be soldered and attached to the appropriate points inside the plug. The device replaces the sometimes awkward testing of the park pedestal with a VOM. I will bring the additional components needed with me.  There is no additional cost for components used to complete the project.

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Count me in.

I could help cover some of the overhead expenses


I will be going to Mor-Ryde from the rally for a suspension and brake upgrade. I just finished installing the BluDot hardware today.




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Additional expenses are insignificant and I do not want "donations" - I just need to know how many are interested so I can prepare properly.  Sincere thanks to those that offered anyway.

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8 hours ago, DesertMiner said:

Any chance you can “share” the “how to” and a parts list for those of us that won’t be at the ECR?  TIA

Yes, it will be online with Carl's recap info after the rally.

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7 hours ago, jkoenig24 said:

I'm in. What do I need to bring? THANK YOU!

Any of the following will be helpful.  I will have a collection of these to share but the more we have the faster things will go.

Hot glue gun - preferably with 7mm clear sticks

Low wattage soldering iron

Phillips screwdriver

Small wire snips or toenail clippers

7/32" drill bit (and drill)

Butane lighter for heat shrink tubing

Small long nose pliers

Sharp pocket knife

Your reading glasses

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