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Researching International Pro Star Eagle + - Help

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If you have owned or currently own a International Pro Star Eagle + semi I would like your comments.  Recently I found the following and I don't know much about this brand however I really like the options and need them in my next truck.

2012 Pro Star + high end trim package 250k miles

  • 16' custom bed
  • Double Lockers ******
  • 10 Speed Ultra shift auto (wife could drive )**
  • 13L  475/1650** (my truck 12L manual)
  • No Def but has a regen system?  Is this correct????________
  • 22.5" wheels (I currently have 24.5") All aluminum
  • How do these turn compared to a Volvo?  My truck is 300" wheel base this is a bit shorter.  ________

My plans take off the RV 5th wheel hitch and put my slide-in camper on the deck.  In the future put on the 5th hitch and purchase a 5er.

My trucks go off road in deep snow, I chain up and really like the double lockers.  I would be the 3rd owner it needs front tires.

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One phone call and I found out the bad news, the Maxhorse engine had very bad design issues and almost took the entire company down.  EGR and exhaust issues which put out all kinds of check engine lights.  They made 65,000 of these and shipped as many as possible off shore.  Today these sell for about $18,000 and this truck is listed for $49,000.

My hunt continues.....

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At the risk or being labeled a traitor,  if I were you, I'd take a hard look at KW, for one reason.  They are much more capable in off road conditions.  Hopefully, noteven will see this and explain it all better, but my observation is that the drive wheels follow the terrain better, because of the way the air bags are plumbed.

They also have an excellent dealer network.

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Look for a KW with a AG400 8 bag rear suspension if you need to go off road. That is probably the best setup ever made for putting power to the ground on uneven terrain.

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Hi Cotreker - Kenworth Airglide AG400 (40000lbs) or AG460 (46000lbs) locates the axles with “4 link” design and 4 short air bags with large piping per axle. Sway control is done by long torsion bars that are round across the chassis and flat between the axle and trunnion. The design allows good articulations side to side  (for an air suspension) and the flat torsion bars allow the axles to off track side to side a bit on rutted roads so the truck goes straight. 

The AirGlide’s best feature is the four link arrangement does not allow the axle housings to rotate - the pinion cannot climb the crown gear so the torque coming down the driveline is turned into tractive effort at the wheels, not partially lost in “jacking” the frame (and load) up and down when you romp on the sewing machine pedal and the truck accelerates or you are gearing down pulling a steep grade. The U joint angles stay where they belong so when you are pulling 140,000 lbs up a 9% grade in the granny gears the u joints aren’t fluttering and driveline waggling & shaking the truck.

Axle hop is much reduced in sand and snow.

A course 94% of the above doesn’t apply to pulling RV semitrailers cuz they aren’t that heavy 🤣

Now may Scrap can chime in and explain how AirGlide really works :blink:🤣🤣

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