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rear air bags not filling up

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so its been cold here in Seattle, cold enough to freeze water, I suspect I might have water in my air line that may have collected in the device that fills the air bags and levels the truck if you put a load on the back, the truck is an 1999 FL-60 four door sport chassis

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update, I lost the bar that connects the leveling valve to the rear axle, that bar lifts the bed up after a load has been put on it, so I'm getting the part ordered, ohh and the valve works, it fills the air bags, so I was mistaken about the possible frozen water in the lines, but needless to say I will be dumping my air tank more often, I think there is an electronic dump valve that dumps a small amount of air on a timed basis 


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That pull-rod is available from most any HDT repair shop. When my rear rod-end broke I got a new one from a Love's truck stop repair shop.  Your MH ride height must be totally reset to factory specs after you install the new rod, otherwise you will be replacing the driveshaft U joints rather quickly, and perhaps the bearings in the differential and transmission ends.

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