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Rock-Crushing at Last Chance Peak Dolly Horse Kamp

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So few days ago Dave , his Bride Donna, and attack-mutt Knewt limps into Last Chance Peak Dolly Paint Horse Kamp for a bit of RV repair and grease slinging……….


Dave claims to be retired but he made me EXHAUSTED just taking a peek a couple of times as he yanked ALL six wheels of the Toy Hauler and cleaned and repacked the bearings and then replaced some axle shackle bolts……..I could easly ran the job into 8 to ten days no problem…...


Dave is REAL serious about his “Retirement” so he has “Serious-Toys” and perhaps the most serious 'Toy” is the……..Can Am “Rock-Rocket”


If you want to “Re-Live” some of the really “Stupid-Dumb-Stunts-of-your-youth” you need to take your favorite credit card down to the local Can Am joint and throw the credit card on the counter and yell……..”Give me one of those Mr. Cob(b) Electric-Blue-Rocket-Rocket-Spaceships………


We blasted out of Kamp with the “yellow-geezer-key” inserted in the Rock Rocket so we only pulled enough G's to get into mild grey-out……..With the “Green-hold-my-beer-key” inserted the full afterburner is engaged and you will need Kevlar Rachet Straps cinched tight to keep your pacemaker in place……..


Of course being engineered for geezers the Rock-Rocket has no less than T W E E N T Y - T W O INCHES of suspension travel so it glides smooooothly over bowling-ball-size-boulders at Mach 1.3 and you don't spill one drip of Dr. Pepper……..


Somewhere I have a old pressure-suit and that might be what is needed to deal with the “Green-Key” but just blasting around crushing rocks on Last Chance Peak makes up for most of the trouble of getting to be a geezer…………


Now with far less to loose…... all you have to do is wonder down to your local Can Am joint and throw a credit card on the counter and bellow………...”get me one of those Electric-Blue-Rocket-Rockets like you made for Mr. Cob(b)”


Who says you can't teach a old dog bad tricks……….


Drive on………...(Rock Rockets……….Relive your miss-spent-youth)


Rock Rocket on the edge of the center canyon cliff at Last Chance Peak


Chocking the wheel on the cliff edge


Dave enjoying a Yacht ride at Last Chance Peak Yacht Klub (Bayliner built about 14 miles  from Daves WA home )



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Howdy Mike,

Thanks for inviting us to share your home and life, myself Donna and Newt enjoyed our visit.

 I hate work, after all it is a four letter word but if it has to be done doing the needed maintenance on the trailer where it is warm and dry sure beats doing it in a Nor-Wet where is niether at this time of year.

We are now settled in at the Quail Run RV Park, many days of tearing around in the rock rocket as you call it are to be had before heading back to the gloom in early March.

Thanks again for your most generous hospitality.

Dave, Donna and Newt 

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Howdy Brad,

Well the one I have now has an 18 foot long garage but I sure could use more maybe it’s time to start thinking about converting a commercial box trailer into a toy hauler.  Of course that would have to be approved by SWMBO and I doubt that would happen, it’s a rough life I lead but I suffer through it.


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