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Satellite TV greenhorn

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While we have a roof one, it was damaged and we no longer use it.  We  have gotten so use to the tripod (which we carry in the back seat of the car as we move from site to site) and we spend a lot of time in the PNW where there are lots of trees.   It takes about 5 minutes, even with dinged up dish because someone back up a little to far after getting tires changes in Sutherlin (I won't mention his name) to get it set.   

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You must look at both sides of the coin, one side is programming and the other side is equipment.

Both Dish and DirecTv have almost the same programs and packages available at close to the same price. Both have sports and movie packages. Dish has more equipment that will give you HD as opposed to DirecTv but you can get HD on DirecTv with the correct equipment. You can change your local channels (service address) with both but now that AT&T has taken over DirecTv there have been reports that they are making it more difficult to change. Pay as You Go is only with Dish and is good if you are not full time.  When you are home you can suspend your service and when you go back on the road you can reactivate it.  Or you can just take your receiver from home and put it in the RV when you are not home with either Dish or DirecTv  

There are two types of dishes, roof mounted or portable. Also there are manual and automatic dishes. The Traveler is the most popular roof mounted dish. It is specific to Dish or DirecTv. It you get the DirecTv model it can be converted to Dish at a later date but the Dish Traveler can not be converted to Direct. It will automatically lock onto the satellite. There are also roof mounted dome but I have no k owledge regarding them. The Pathway X2 and the Tailgater are popular portable models but can only receive Dish. Both are automatic. Another option is a tripod mounted dish, but you must aim it manually. 

As far as receivers, Dish has the Hopper and Joeys, DirecTv has the Genni. Both have multiple viewing and recording options. If you use a  portable like the Pathway X2 you will be limited to the 211K or 211Z receivers using an external hard drive for your DVR and will be limited to recording only one program at a time. 

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A few questions you’ll need to answer before proceeding. i.e. forks in the road

What’s your budget?

How often do you move?


We started out with Dish since we had it at home and adding a DVR was easy. I think Dish is easier than Direct but that’s only my opinion.


We initially bought a 211Z and a Tailgater, didn’t really like the Tailgater signal (lack of) so we exchanged it for a Pathway X2 and used it for a couple of years.

A couple of years ago I had a good year and bought the Trav’ler antenna and then another Hopper 2 to replicate the home unit. I really like this setup. Since we don’t fulltime I can just go online and activate or deactivate my Hopper 2 easily. It adds $12.00 a month to my bill.


If we were to start all over and if we full timed I’d probably get a full size dish and a tripod setup, if we didn’t travel often. If we moved more than say once a week I’d get another Trav’ler. The tripod and the Trav’ler both use the same antenna it’s how it’s aimed that’s different.

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After using a Winegard Carryout for about 5 years (still have it in storage) we changed to a Winegard Traveler SK-1000 because the Suites is now our home and wife wanted to replicate what we had in the S&B--thus the requirement to go to the Traveler and the Hopper 3/wireless Joeys.  We have about $2200 in everything as I did not want to tackle it myself, so all was done professionally.  It can run several TVs and any channel at any time, and record up to 16 shows (never going to go there...) at same time. 

One thing--is your unit pre-wired for sat or are you starting from scratch on the wiring?  I would never consider doing any of the hookup/wiring myself, just not inclined/knowledgeable that way.

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