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DirectTV Gift On Veterans Day?

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A couple years ago I stopped watching the NFL when Kap and his buddies began taking a knee.  Almost 50 years of watching my Chicago Bears stopped.  

This year while traveling I was in an area where one of their games were televised locally.  I had read where some rules had changed and agreements made between the players and management so I knew I would not have to witness any disrespect to our flag.   I watched the game.

Yesterday we received an email from DirectTV letting us know that for Veterans Day we would be receiving a one day pass to the NFL Sunday Ticket.  Sure enough last night we went to our DirectTV guide and all those channels were available.

Is DirectTV doing this to honor our Veterans like Applebees, Lowe's, and many other large businesses?  Or did they lose tons of money the last two years because thousands of people did not buy the expensive NFL Sunday Ticket and now they are giving "free samples" trying to get customers back?

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FL-JOE, you may want to look at this article:  https://awfulannouncing.com/nfl/nfl-due-changes-next-tv-contract.html

I watch a lot of football whether it be pro or college. Never jumped on the NFL ticket deal. When we lived 85 miles from Washington and Baltimore, and 150 miles from Pittsburg and Philadelphia, Monday morning at work was really fun as to what games were blacked out by your address. As you read the fine print you "don't see every game". One time when sitting in Cactus Pete's Casino in Jackpot, NV. on a Sunday afternoon, watching the "buffet" of games on TV, a guy slides in the seat beside me and asks "where is the Seahawks game? We both noticed it wasn't on, so he goes up to the Keno desk and asks. The answer was the "NFL considers Jackpot, NV. home territory for the Seachickens", thus being a home game, it was blacked out.

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Well, DirecTV just gave me a quick "taste" of the NFL ticket.  I recorded the Bears/Lions game and since my buddy is camped next to us I recorded the Packers/Miami game.  Since the Bears game started first it recorded fine.  As soon as it finished the Packers game would not record and we lost all the NFL ticket channels by 5pm.    I guess they wanted to celebrate Veterans Day but just not for more than 3 1/2 hours per person.

Oh well, it was free and I enjoyed the game.

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