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January travel near the border

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Much excellent advice in the posts to your question.   As mentioned, much to do around Demming... and Benson/Saguaro clearly is one very excellent SKP Park - check out Tombstone, Butterfield Stage stations, and Council Rocks.

I would mention that the Yuma area is simply delightful to visit in January & February.   The Border Patrol stations along the Mexico/Arizona line are visibly active (Inspections stations & roving patrols) and well staffed... not to mention the Goldwater bombing range along the border and the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma that projects massive air surveillance of the border region (whether they 'really' are looking... hard to tell - but the choppers & jets are all over the air... and intimidating).   Los Algodones is a very worthwhile Mexico Border City to cross over and visit.

From Yuma, going North up US 95 towards Las Vegas, is Quartzsite... legendary among boondockers... 

In our 5 years of spending Winter time in Demming... Benson... Yuma... nothing but great experiences!   Good luck with things.

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Thanks everyone for the tips and recommendations.  It's hard to separate the overly dramatic news until you've been there, done that.  I traveled the area in my corporate days, but you know the drill - airport, rental car, motel room, meeting, reverse order.  First time Joan and I are able to take 3 months and see the sites.  Looking forward to taking a zillion pictures and eating where the locals go.

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