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air brake system acting up

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I have a 2009 M2-106 ISC air brakes, suspension and cab. When the system charges sometimes it does fine. Off about 125, on about 100. other times off at 145 or the relief valve opens and it drops till low air buzzer come on. Or to about 110 then it starts charging again. Thought it was the governor, Changed it same issue. I'm thinking the only other thing is the dryer. Any ideas? Only 80k on the truck. Also sometimes the air will drain down in 1-2 hours, sometimes days. I can't hear the leak,(to many years using skill saws and nail guns without hearing protection).Who needs ear plugs..

Going to get my #1 helper (wife) to get on the creeper tomorrow and go under the truck at the dryer and listen.

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It's kinda hard to believe to governors are bad acting pretty much the sam way, but it's possible. I'll try that first.

Changed the dryer 3 years ago. Strange thing when iv'e  tried to drain the air tanks only air comes out. NEVER a drop of water, mist, nothing.

Thanks for the input Rick.

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