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2015 F550 vs 2019 F550

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I was about to order a 2019 F550 cab & chassis and have a Kelderman air suspension and a Utility Body Werks bed installed to tow a 5th wheel we have being built that will weigh around 21,000 dry. Just as I was about to make the deal I came across a 2015 F550 (same level as I was going to order) with only 19000 miles on it AND it already has a Kelderman suspension and Utility Body Werks bed installed.

 Now buying the used truck would save us roughly $30,000 but that means nothing if the 2019 is going to be a whole lot better truck. So my question to you that know these trucks beter than me, what huge difference would I se between a 2015 and a 2019 that might make me want to spend a extra $30K?



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In 2015, the 6.7L diesel was rated at 440 HP and 860 lb.-ft.. In 2019 the engine is rated 450 HP and 935 lb.-ft..

Beyond that, I don't know what changes may have occurred. 

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The engine performance differences can easily be added to the 2015 and for FAR less than $30K.  And with only 19K miles, I'd buy the used one.  Some bugs have already been worked out and that could be a good thing.

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I don't know about the 2019 but the 2015 if sold as a chassis truck would have been rated at 350 HP. The 350HP version was intended for heavy commercial use.  I understand that was not just a de-rated 440 HP but contained a few different parts.

In 2016 I traded my 2011 F350 6.7 400HP 800 Lbs Torque for a used 2015 Freightliner Sports Chassis with Cummins 350 HP 10xx lbs Torque. I will say the Ford engine is easier starting and quieter but I sure like the greater Torque 


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 Ok, from what I see number wise.

The truck has a GCWR of 35,000lbs

The truck has a GVWR of 17,500

The truck has a Max 5th wheel towing of 25,500

I won't know the rear axle numbers until I see the truck I guess because I can't find it online.

Our 5th wheel info from what I know so far because it's being built, so close numbers.

5th wheel should weigh 22,000lbs

5th wheel Carrying capacity should be 3500 lbs

Truck has 145 gal fuel tank x 6.3lbs per gallon = 913lbs

truck weighs 10,080lbs with 5th wheel hitch installed

passenger weight about 325lbs

guessing about 200lbs of cargo in truck

guessing if the loaded 5th wheel is 25,500 the pin weight should be around 5100lbs to 5500lbs

When I look at these numbers I see us at 1993lbs over weight. Am I looking at something wrong or am I looking at the wrong truck?

Looking at these numbers I need o forget the 2015 and go with the 2019 that has a 40,000lb GCWR. 





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2 hours ago, GlennWest said:

But isn't the pin weight still too much?

 I can't find the payload number online for some stupid reason so I will have to check the sticker on the door when I see it today. I would think not on a 5500 but can not say for sure. If so, then I know it won't be on a 2019.

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