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Putting out the feelers for an HDT/Jeep hauler

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Do you have one your no longer use much?  Are you thinking about upgrading your current HDT/Jeep hauler but are wondering what to do with your current rig?  Are you thinking about coming off the road?

DW and I are thinking about getting on the road and an HDT/Jeep hauler is what we want to replace our dually.  We're not in a rush, so you don't have to be, either. 

We're just looking at the possibilities, but if the right rig comes along, we're ready to pull the trigger.  Need an auto shift, prefer 2-pedal.  Make of truck is not important.

PMs are fine.

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56 minutes ago, remoandiris said:

Thanks, but I don't think a singled truck can handle the weight of a Jeep along with the pin weight, etc.

Just fill the Jeep tires with helium . ;)

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Ask Jemstone to get you some specs:

- wheelbase

- steer axle and drive axle weight of the truck alone. Note how much fuel is on board at weigh time.

- location dimension of the trailer in in relation to either axle 

There are people on the forum who can help you cipher out if a hopeful truck can be a Jeep carrier.

For example my little KW has a fairly heavy steel body. It weighs around 7000lbs on the drive axle so has a 13000lbs of rear axle payload to work with.

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