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Legend/nomenclature for Days End directory available?

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Here you go, back of directory:

~ About/Approximately

15/20A 15 or 20 amp

30A 30 amp

4WD four-wheel drive

50A 50 amp

addl additional

AFB US Air Force Base

Alt Alternate Route

avail available

ATV All Terrain Vehicle

Ave Avenue

BD Boondocking (just park, require no outside facilities)

BDJ Boondockers Journal

bldg building

blk block

BLM US Bureau of Land Management

BOR Bureau of Reclamation

Bus Business Route

CDN Canadian

CG Campground

COE US Army Corps of Engineers

CP City Park (not used for County Park)

Cr Creek

CR- County Route

C-Store Convenience Store

D Dump station for RV black and grey water

da day

dbl double

DNR Department of Natural Resources (some states have)

Dr Drive

DOT US Dept. of Transportation

E Electricity

Elev elevation

expy expressway

FG fairground(s)

FHU Full Hookups

FM- Farm to Market Road (mainly in Texas)

FR- Forest Road

FS Forest Service

ft foot

FWS US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)

Fwy Freeway

GD General Delivery

GPS Global Positioning System

hi high

HU Hookups

Hwy Highway

I- Interstate Highway

incl including

Is Island

Jct Junction

km Kilometer

L left

lg large

Lk lake

lo low

loc location

ltr letter

LTVA Long Term Visitor Area (BLM seasonal permit)

Mag Magazine

maint maintained

med medium

mgmt management

mgr manager

mi Mile or Miles

MM Mile Marker

mo month

MP Milepost

Mtn mountain

MVUM Motor Vehicle Use Map (a USFS thing)

N/L Newsletter

Natl National

NF National Forest

NM US National Monument (except as obviously used for New Mexico)

NP National Park

NPS US National Park Service

NRA US National Recreation Area

NWR US National Wildlife Refuge

O/N Overnight

p page

pers personal

PH- Provincial Highway (Canada)

pkg parking

PP Provincial Park

prob probably

quad quadrant

R right

rd road

Reval Revalidated

Riv river

RA Rest Area

RO "Reverse Osmosis Water (like distilled, very healthy)"

RR Railroad

RSTBC Recreation Sites and Trails BC

RV Recreational Vehicle

S Sewer (at site)

S/A Pass Golden Age/Access, Senior/Access – National Parks and Federal Rec Lands Pass

sat satellite (as in satellite TV or Internet)

SF State Forest

SKP Escapee

sm small

SP State Park

SR- State Route

SRA State Recreation(al) Area

St Street

SWA State Wildlife Area

T a 'T' intersection

TCH TransCanada Highway

TL turn left

Tpk Turnpike

TR turn right

TVA Tennessee Valley Authority (has some CGs)

Twp Township

unk unknown

unlim unlimited

UP Upper Peninsula (in Michigan listings)

US- US Numbered Highways

W Water

w/ with

wk week

WMA Wildlife Management Area

x exit

yd yard (as in 3 feet long)

yr year



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