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Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

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Scott, good summation.  That’s how we view TT.   Save when we can to allow us to spend on other stays.  Luckily, the west coast has a lot of TT/Encore parks we can use. 

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We added the Trails Collection last year to our zone pass. Between the 2 zones and TC, we have access to over 100 parks from ME to CA. 

I LOVE their reservation system  And check in is always a breeze.

Most of the parks we have been to have FHU.

I plan to buy a membership when my 4 year contract (zone pass 2 zones for 4 years at $425 year + TC $199 optional) is up.


They might have a special at the Hershey RV show or at the Hershey Park.

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16 hours ago, GR "Scott" Cundiff said:

We're at Hershey TT right now - we think it's a great campground.  

Just for fun I looked at my many Thousand Trails campground reviews.  We have stayed at, I think, 31 Thousand Trails over the past 5+ years; several of them more than once.  Of the 31 there are 5 or 6 that we wouldn't care to return to.  Some of them would work out for a few nights if we just needed a place to stop, although I wouldn't go out of my way to go to any of them just to save a few night's camping fees.

I know that some fulltimers see Thousand Trails as their permanent camping solution.  They try to stay in the system 365 days a year, saving a lot of money on camping fees.  We don't see it that way.  We think of Thousand Trails as a way to save money that can later on be spent on campgrounds in especially desirable areas.  In other words, we don't want to "live in the system" and, therefore, never visit wonderful camping locations in, for instance, Utah or Colorado just because (1) there are no Thousand Trails there and (2) camping is more pricey there.

As I mentioned earlier, if I were paying rack rate on Thousand Trails stays I would expect more, but as the purpose of this thread suggests, you shouldn't expect to get Hilton-level service for Motel 6 rates.  

From my point of view, Thousand Trails is a lot better than some people think.  It's not, though, a perfect fulltimer's camping solution.

This is about the best response so far and pretty much the same way we feel about TT.

Any chance the pipeline work is complete at Hershey yet? I check in there on the 11th for the RV show.

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