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2000 Suncruser Basement Air?

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I have a two year old basement air unit that use to have elect heat pumps that would come on if I wanted heat and if it was too cold for the heat pump the gas would come on. Sometimes the heat pump would come on for awhile and then the gas would come on if the heat pump was not getting us warmed up fast enough. Sometimes if weather was in the 40s only gas would come on. But this year when trying to get the heat pump to come on, temps in the 60's, only the gas would come on. What should I look at to see why my heat pump is not working???

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homelesshartshorns, I probably have the same unit as you folks. Operates as you described except, if we move the temp setting more than 3-4 degrees at a time it defers to gas until reaching set temp, then on the next cycle it will go electric. In other words if the temp in rig is 60 and we set the thermostat to 72 in one shot, the gas will come on until it reaches 72. Then to maintain the 72 it will go to electric. Our heat pump will usually work between 39-42 depending on the amount of humidity in the air. If I can help anymore just PM me.

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I think I have the same unit (Colman Mach) as you.  Mine operates similar to bobsallyh's unit with following exception...

When the set point is more than three (3) degrees higher than room (ambient) temperature BOTH the heat pump and the gas furnace will come on.  I like to use the heat pump only as much as possible so I added a switch in the line from the thermostat to the gas furnace that must be closed (ON) for the gas to work.  With this added switch I can force the heat pump only mode.

Mine does a good job of heating down to around the 38-40 range also - takes a little longer but still works.  I am not sure at what temperature it stops trying to produce heat but I have had it freeze up in really humid climate in the low 40s.


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First he need to report back on the temperature setting. Greater then 4 degrees, gas will come on. If less the 4, should work ok. If not, then start looking at the thermostat . 

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